WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Reveals What Drug He Was Suspended For By The WWE

Alberto Del Rio quit the WWE last week, and the company gave him his release, allowing him to return to Mexico to wrestle there. However, what led to Del Rio’s eventual departure from the company was a drug suspension for both him and his girlfriend, Paige, the month before. In an interview with Mas lucha, Alberto revealed what he was suspended for.

Many people on social media believed that the Alberto Del Rio suspension was either performance enhancement drugs or even recreational drugs considering the fact that the suspension was announced on Paige’s birthday. However, according to Alberto Del Rio, his WWE suspension was due to him using a testosterone replacement recommended by his doctor.

“I don’t think it’s fair because there is a big difference in people using medication to obtain better physical performance. But when it is like in my case, a testosterone replacement, where I am a 40-year-old man and it is a medical matter that I have proof of from my doctors. I don’t think it is something fair.”

Alberto Del Rio went on to say that while he doesn’t agree with the WWE suspension, he understands why it happens. Del Rio said that people sign a contract with the WWE and they are abiding by the rules of the company, even if it is something that is medically necessary for the wrestler that they are forced to ignore.

The Alberto Del Rio admission was very similar to the Adam Rose WWE suspension from earlier this year. As the Inquisitr reported at the time of Rose’s release from the WWE, he was suspended for taking Adderall, which his doctor prescribed for his ADHD. The WWE policy is that all doctor prescribed medical prescriptions need to be on file or the wrestler will fail the wellness test.

Just like Alberto Del Rio, Adam Rose came out and spoke publicly about the fact he was suspended by the WWE for using a prescribed medication. The Inquisitr also reported that WWE women’s superstar Eva Marie was also suspended for a doctor prescribed medication, although she took responsibility for not getting the prescription documented before her wellness test.

The same thing apparently happened to Roman Reigns, and his suspension was also allegedly for ADHD medication. However, unlike Alberto Del Rio, Reigns just took the suspension and never said anything about it outside of an apology.

There is no word yet on what Paige plans to do considering she is also out on a suspension, but she has allegedly hired an attorney and wants to find a way out of her contract. As for Alberto Del Rio, his post-WWE plans include heading over to Britain. Del Rio will wrestle a match in the promotion that Paige’s parents own in a tag team match against Paige’s brothers.

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There is also an interesting part of the Alberto Del Rio interview where he mentions that he is not the only Mexican superstar who wants out of the WWE. That superstar, according to Del Rio, is Andrade Clen Almas, who is currently wrestling in NXT.

“I talked to my good friend Manny and poor guy, he wants to come back. Unfortunately, when you go into that company you have to abide by their rules… I told Manny this the last time I saw him. He asked me if things were different on the main roster. I told him, ‘Things are going to get worse up there.'”

Alberto Del Rio will head over to Britain to wrestle there, and it looks like he will be heading back to Mexico. However, Alberto has said that he will only wrestle a limited number of matches a year and his full-time wrestling career is coming to an end.

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