Hillary Clinton’s Seizure As She Faints From Illness Caught On Camera? Video Of Collapsing Democrat Shows Pneumonia May Not Be Her Only Problem

The health of Hillary Clinton is becoming a firestorm in the media and on the internet. Yesterday, while attending a memorial service on the anniversary of 9/11, a video was taken of Hillary Clinton showing her have what appears to be a seizure.


Clinton’s staff quickly decided that they had to give some type of excuse for what happened to Hillary. A report by BBC News is reporting on a statement issued by Clinton’s, doctor, Dr. Bardack.

“Secretary Clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies. On Friday, during follow-up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule.”

Many people in the media and online are not buying the pneumonia diagnosis. Prior to the pneumonia story coming out, it was claimed that Clinton was experiencing a heat-related medical problem. That does not seem to be accurate either.

The video appears to clearly show what many people in the medical field would say is seizure activity. It also appears that Clinton is unresponsive or unconscious while waiting for her van. When watching the video, you can see the van pulling up and Clinton not moving a muscle. You can also see she is leaning against some sort of pillar and being held up by a woman on her left side. This is all indicative of a person who does not have the ability to stand under their own power due to being in the postictal state of a seizure.

As Clinton’s staff begins to get her into the van, her right leg and head obviously begin to shake. Clinton’s staff appears to struggle controlling her body as she is getting into the van. It is common knowledge that it is difficult to control the body of a person who is actively having a seizure.

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This is not the first time it has been speculated that Clinton has some sort of seizure disorder. A few months ago, Clinton was talking to reporters and had some type of episode that could be considered as a type of seizure.


Now, many people think that a seizure is only when a person is shaking uncontrollably. The truth is, there are different types of seizures.

Hopkinsmedicine.org has information on the different seizure types.

Absence Seizure

Also known as a petit mal seizure, this type of seizure is characterized by a person instantly appearing to blank out. They will not shake with this type of seizure. Their brain, essentially, stops working for a very brief amount of time. When the episode is over, the person can snap right back to reality.

Myoclonic Seizure

This type of seizure, when it happens, makes the person look like their body is being briefly electrocuted. There is minimal shaking, but it is obvious that the muscles in the body are not under the control of the person. These type of seizures are usually attached to another type of seizure disorder. In the video above, it looks like Hillary is being electrocuted briefly. Since this type of seizure is usually coupled with another seizure disorder, Hillary could also be experiencing an absence seizure as well in the video.

Clonic Seizure

This type of seizure is characterized by the person’s muscles going into a spasm and moving in a jerking fashion. The head, back, and legs will quickly jerk and then ease into a relaxed state. The video of Hillary getting into the car looks suspiciously similar to this type of seizure.

Tonic-Clonic Seizure

Also known as a grand mal seizure, this is the type of seizure that most people will think of when they imagine a seizure. A person experiencing this will quickly go rigid and begin to shake in a manner that is uncontrollable. This type of seizure causes the most stress on a person and is followed by a postictal state, where they person’s body tries to recover.

It does not take a doctor to realize that Hillary Clinton is sicker than the public knows. Whether she has a diagnosed seizure disorder that is being hidden is up for debate, but the evidence above is compelling enough to show that she does have some type of seizure problem. One thing that is for sure: pneumonia does not cause seizures.

Do you think that Hillary Clinton has been having seizures? Is she healthy enough to be President of the United States? Does the public have a right to know all the health problems a presidential candidate has?

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