Hillary Clinton Body Double: Evidence Begins To Mount As Famous Clinton Body Double Tweets She Might Have Been In New York Yesterday

Hillary Clinton had some type of medical episode yesterday during a 9/11 event in New York City. A video showing Clinton being dragged into her van surfaced, which added more fuel to the fire for the conspiracy theories claiming she has a major illness.

It was not until a few hours later that a new Hillary Clinton conspiracy theory was born. Clinton emerged from her daughter’s apartment looking healthier than she has recently. It was at this time that conspiracy theorists on the internet began to question if this person was Clinton at all or if she was a Hillary Clinton body double. Inquisitr first reported the Hillary Clinton body double conspiracy theory yesterday. Now, evidence has been presented to prove their case.

Exhibit A: The Face

Humans are hardwired to know who a person is by the way that their face looks. The most obvious facial feature that sticks out in the above picture is the nose. In the before picture, the real Hillary Clinton has a nose that resembles a pointed triangle. In the after picture, the potential body double has a nose that is not as pointed. It has an obvious downward turn, and the point is more rounded as opposed to being sharp as in the before picture.

The second facial feature coming into question is the chin. Looking at the two Clintons, it is easy to see that the potential body double’s chin juts out from under her mouth more than the picture of the person that we know is Hillary Clinton.

Exhibit B: The Known Body Double

Body doubles are not a new concept. Las Vegas is full of people who impersonate famous people. In the political arena, it has been well documented throughout history that some of the most famous world leaders have had a body double or two. Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Josef Stalin are just a few of those people.

Teresa Barnwell is one of the most famous Hillary Clinton body doubles in the country. She makes thousands of dollars for appearances. Her website can be found here.

Adding fuel to the conspiracy fire, Barnwell sent out a very oddly timed tweet yesterday, which has now been deleted.

Exhibit C: The Video


The above video may be the most damning piece of evidence that shows Clinton is employing a body double. This video was obviously staged for the benefit of the press to report that she is perfectly healthy. The first thing people are noticing is that she has no security surrounding her. When was the last time that Hillary Clinton was seen in public without massive amounts of security attached to her? The lack of anyone around her is a huge red flag, especially considering her “medical episode” earlier in the day when she needed to be physically carried into her vehicle. Would the Secret Service allow Clinton to have no security around her? They surely would not waste their resources protecting a body double because they would have to stay with the actual candidate.

The still photo that is shown in the video is the next thing that people are calling out as proof of a body double. Just by looking at the video, it is easy to see that the lower body is thinner than the lower body of Hillary Clinton.

What do you think? Does Hillary Clinton have a body double and was that who we saw yesterday looking chipper and spry just hours after her collapse?

[Photo by Andrew Harnik/ AP Images]

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