Meghan King Edmonds’ Due Date Nearing: Why This ‘RHOC’ Is Facing Harsh Backlash

Meghan King Edmonds is pregnant with her first child, and her due date is approaching fast. Meghan may live a nontraditional life with help in the home, a husband who works quite a bit, and a life on television, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s exhausted during this pregnancy.

As it turns out, this Real Housewives of Orange County star is slowing down as she’s entering her third trimester of pregnancy, and her baby girl is starting to take over her body. King Edmonds has revealed that her daughter is very active in her belly, and she’s often kicked when her baby girl is alert.

According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now facing some criticism for sharing just how exhausted she is doing this pregnancy. Some women are so exhausted during their pregnancies that they have trouble working. And when Meghan revealed that she was thankful for her neighbors who were willing to cook her dinner because she was too tired.

“Wow im so tired! Good thing I have awesome next door neighbors to cook for us!” Meghan King Edmonds revealed on Twitter after a weekend of being exhausted from the pregnancy. One person tweeted back with a rather harsh reply, “what from? U don’t work, chase kids, cook, clean, etc.”

“I do work and chase kids. Im tired Bc I’m [growing] a human,” Meghan wrote back while defending her lack of energy during her pregnancy.

It is very common to be tired during your pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. But as you head into your third trimester, your energy may disappear once again, and you may find yourself being tired and fatigued. Plus, King Edmonds has been designing and planning her daughter’s nursery as her due date is approaching. While she hasn’t revealed the exact date yet, Meghan is probably due around mid-November based on her previous posts about her pregnancy.


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Sadly, King Edmonds’ baby exhaustion isn’t the only thing that people found to criticize. On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow called Meghan in hopes of getting her to visit Vicki Gunvalson in the hospital after she was airlifted to a nearby hospital. And while King Edmonds didn’t see the need since she wasn’t friends with Vicki, fans were curious about her lack of interest in the offer.

“Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m kind of curious why you went to Vicki’s b’day party but not to see her in emergency?” one person questioned Meghan, who replied with, “I did what I would’ve wanted if I was in her shoes. Apparently she would’ve done differently.”

The aftermath of her decision to stay home will play out on this week’s episode, but King Edmonds opened up in her blog about her decision to stay with her husband, Jimmy Edmonds, tend to her pregnancy, and hang out with Shannon Beador instead of visiting Vicki in the hospital.

“When Heather called to relay the news, you could tell that she was still in shock, so it almost came off a little exaggerated to me,” Meghan King Edmonds revealed in her blog for Bravo‘s The Real Housewives of Orange County, adding, “But even then I asked myself if I was in Vicki’s shoes would I want her to visit me in the ER? I said no. I thought I would feel uncomfortable. Now if Vicki was admitted to the hospital I absolutely would’ve stopped by. Thankfully, Vicki was released from the ER only hours later and she and I were texting throughout her time in the hospital.”

Do you think it’s fair that Meghan King Edmonds is getting so much backlash so close to her due date?

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