‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers: Showrunner Ronald D. Moore Teases ‘Very Exciting’ New Season [Video]

Warning: This article could contain Outlander Season 3 spoilers.

Outlander Season 3 spoilers have started popping up now that filming has officially begun in Scotland. The new 13-episode installment of the show will be based on the third book of Diana Gabaldon’s eight-book series and picks up right after Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) are separated at the end of Season 2.

Series showrunner Ronald D. Moore offered up some Season 3 insights to Goldderby at the Creative Arts Emmys on Sunday.

“It’s very exciting. The third book’s called Voyager, and it’s as different from the second season as the second was from the first. [Season 3] involves a sea voyage and going to the Caribbean and to Jamaica, and it has war elements and more 20th-century stuff and back-and-forth time travel elements. It’s a big, brand new season.”

Moore walked the red carpet in the place of his wife, Outlander costume designer Terry Dresbach, who received an Emmy nomination for Best Period Costumes for Season 2, but she was too ill to attend. “She’s been in bed all week,” Moore lamented. The series also received a nomination for Best Period Production Design, but Game of Thrones ended up taking home the costume trophy, and Downton Abbey won for production design.

While the Starz series was shut out at the Emmys, there is still plenty for fans to be excited about. Outlander Season 3 spoilers have leaked in the form of new set photos. TV Guide posted a photo of Sam Heughan looking as battle worn and forlorn as when we left him in the Season 2 finale.

Outlander fans know that Season 2 ended with pregnant Claire traveling through the stones to resume her life with first husband Frank (Tobias Menzies) in 1948. Her departure devastated Jamie, who was headed into the doomed battle of Culloden in the 18th century.

Heughn gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the making of the Battle of Culloden on Twitter.

Outlander Season 3 spoilers say the upcoming season will center on Jamie dealing with the aftermath of the disastrous war, and Claire trying to readjust to married life with Frank. As the years pass, both lovers try to move on, but they are haunted by memories of their lost passion. However, in Season 2, Claire learned it might be possible for her to return to Jamie one day. Readers of Voyager know what she chooses to do, but it will be interesting to see how closely the season follows the book.

One of the characters who will play a huge role in Jamie’s Season 3 storyline is Lord John Grey. Fans of the books know Grey is a big player in the Outlander universe, and Deadline recently reported that Australian actor David Berry had been cast in the key role.

Berry is primarily known for his work on hit Aussie series, A Place to Call Home. Here’s what Starz had to say about his role on Outlander.

“Lord John William Grey is a steadfast and honorable British subject, torn between a finely-honed sense of familial duty and a strong moral compass of right and wrong. He is boyishly handsome with an upper class rearing — the consummate gentleman. However, a scandal from his past has relegated Lord John to an undesirable position as governor of a desolate prison in Northern Scotland.”

That “scandal,” of course, is that Grey is gay. The Lord and Jamie form a complicated friendship in the books, but what Season 3 has in mind for the pair is unknown. The books suggest Grey could also potentially play a big part in Claire’s life in upcoming seasons, so Berry’s casting is significant.

What do you think of the latest Outlander Season 3 spoilers? Do you think David Berry will make a good Lord John Grey?

Outlander Season 3 returns to Starz in 2017.

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