Could ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Mysterious A.D. Be Lucas?

The Pretty Little Liars Season 7A finale was full of drama, but left fans still guessing the identity of the mysterious A.D. There are several fan theories on the subject, but one, in particular, seems to have a lot of online support — Lucas Gottesman. Let’s jump in and see what you think.

In an interview with TV Guide, Pretty Little Liars executive producer Marlene King indicated that as PLL wraps up, things will come full circle.

“This is our season of homecomings and full-circle moments. These last 10 episodes really create the ‘full-circleness’ of the show and where we hope to go. Having that triangle play out felt very appropriate for us as storytellers in these last 10 episodes.”

Revealing Lucas as A.D. will bring things full circle in a sense if you consider a very early episode of Pretty Little Liars— all the way back to Season 2, in an episode titled “First Secret,” the series’ first Halloween episode. Bustle points out that in that episode, serious concerns were raised about Mona, and it turned out later that she was the person of whom Alison was so afraid.

If you take a closer look at what happened with Lucas in that Pretty Little Liars episode and compare it to what happened with Mona, you can’t deny that they were very similar. For one thing, Alison bullied Mona in the lunchroom and then later bullied Lucas in the hall. Mona and Lucas shared a look following his incident with Alison. The second parallel between Lucas and Mona in this Pretty Little Liars episode is that both of them interact with Alison while in costume. And in that episode, he said, “One day, she’ll get what’s coming to her.” Lucas hated Ali. That gives him motive.

Lucas Pretty Little Liars

Although the character has had very little screen time so far in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars, his role has been crucial. Don’t forget that he’s been a sort of benefactor for Charlotte since she returned to Rosewood. And there’s the little coincidence that he returned to Rosewood himself about the same time. And why did Pretty Little Liars bring him back to stay when he has such a bad history in town? He also got Hanna into an apartment and found her a workspace for her fashion company. Why would he do that? Out of the kindness of his heart? Or to make it easier to keep track of her?

Need more convincing? Pretty Little Liars revealed to us that the car that Hanna was driving when she ran over Dr. Rollins was not her car. It belonged to Lucas. This could explain how A.D. knew what the Liars did to Dr. Rollins. What if he planted a tracking device on his car so he would know where Hanna was at all times? And maybe that’s why he’s letting her stay in his apartment while he’s gone.

Lucas Private Little Liars 2
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Then there was the Pretty Little Liars episode where Lucas’s fireplace almost burned Aria while he was out of town. He has the knowledge to hack into his home and make this happen while he’s gone.

That’s a lot of evidence that Lucas could very well be Pretty Little Liars‘ mysterious A.D. Is anyone really that nice? Especially in Rosewood and the world of the Pretty Little Liars? You have to admit that it’s all very suspicious.

Season 7 will be the final one for Pretty Little Liars. When it returns to Freeform in April, 2017, it will air its final 10 episodes. The Pretty Little Liars TV show is based on a series of books written by Sara Shepard. It’s Freeform’s longest-running original show.

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