’90 Day Fiance’ News: Anfisa Makes Everyone Wonder If She Is Marrying Jorge For The Right Reasons

It is time for the new season of 90 Day Fiance, and one couple is going to have everyone talking this season. Starcasm shared all about 25-year-old Jorge from Riverside, California and his 20-year-old Russian fiancee Anfisa from Moscow, Russia. These two have been staying off of public social networks, so a lot of spoilers there are not, but a few details about Jorge and Anfisa are being revealed. The way these two met has everyone wondering if her motives to be his 90 day fiancé were right.

Jorge met Anfisa on Facebook, and he wouldn’t give up on her. Jorge said it took him messaging her about 10 times before she would even answer him. It seems like Anfisa wasn’t interested in Jorge at all, but the second he saw her sexy pictures Jorge knew he wanted to get to know her better. Jorge finally said something to her that was funny, and Anfisa answered. She even said that Jorge told her that he loved her after only talking for about a week.

After talking for just four months, Jorge went to Spain to meet Anfisa while she was going to be there. He talked about how they have traveled the world together, and it is very obvious that she loves the money that comes along with being with Jorge. Anfisa spoke out and said, “Jorge gives me all I want. He never says no to me, even if he can’t give me something, like, when I ask instantly. He still tries to do everything possible to give me what I want.”

Jorge even made a pretty fun comment about how all of the girls in California want to be like a Kardashian, and that isn’t what he is into, but at the same time Anfisa shared what she wants to do.

“I like fashion. I would like to be a model, but not like a runway model because I’m too — a little bit too short for that. Maybe like some advertising. Maybe in some sort of way I want to do what Kardashians do.”

On 90 Day Fiance, everyone saw how Anfisa treated Jorge before she came over to the United States. He won’t buy her something that she wants, and she gets very upset. Anfisa then deletes his phone info and changes his email password. Of course, they end up talking again after this, but Anfisa is making sure she proves to Jorge that she is the one in charge.

Everyone is very curious to see if Anfisa and Jorge actually end up getting married. At this time, these two have been able to keep that a secret, but they have 90 days to decide if it is going to work for them or not. If they don’t get married, then Anfisa will have to go back home, and Jorge will stay here alone. That isn’t very much time to decide, even though they have never lived together before.

The Wrap shared that one other thing Anfisa will have to deal with once she gets to the United States is the fact that Jorge has overprotective older sisters. They may not be too happy about his decision to bring Anfisa over here and to plan on marrying her in just 90 days. This couple is going to have a long road ahead of them, but it will all play out each week on 90 Day Fiance.

Do you think that Jorge and Anfisa will be able to make it work? Do you feel like she decided to marry him for the right reasons? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of 90 Day Fiance on Sunday nights on TLC.

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