Amtrak Train Collides With Truck In California

An Amtrak train crashed into a truck in Hanford, California today and injured about 30 people.

According to CNN, 11 people suffered moderate injuries during the crash. Another 19 suffered minor injuries.

Kings County Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam said:

“It was a traffic collision with a big rig and an Amtrak train which collided … The big rig hauling cotton failed to yield. It was a fairly high speed collision which caused the train to derail and stop about a half mile south of the initial hit.”

Kings County EMS Director Dan Lynch reports that more than a dozen ambulances showed up to the scene. Three of the Amtrak train cars were knocked off the track completely. The other two cars ended up at 45 degree angles to the track. According to Fox News, about 150 people were on board at the time of the crash.


People injured in the crash were either treated at the scene or transported to a nearby hospital. The uninjured passengers were put on buses and brought to the Civic Center in Hanford where further travel arrangements were made.