Kelly Ripa Co-Host Search: Is The ‘Live’ Star Delaying An Announcement?

The Kelly Ripa co-host search continues as the Live with Kelly starlet welcomes yet another procession of celebrity guest co-hosts to her Live show this week. Is Ripa holding off on announcing her former-Live partner Michael Strahan’s permanent co-host replacement? Current broadcast conjecture posits that a new co-host for Kelly won’t be announced until at least November. Are Ripa’s fans willing to wait that long for a new Live co-host?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Kelly Ripa co-host situation shows no sign of Ripa purposely rushing through her current slate of Live guest co-hosts. Although Kelly teased a “big announcement” during one of last week’s broadcasts, the surprise simply ended up being a fan contest where one lucky viewer will get a chance to host Live with Kelly beside Ripa. Is Kelly really willing to open the co-host floodgates to untrained broadcast novices, rather than hunker down and finally decide on a new Live partner for herself? Only time will tell.

A new report from People magazine offers some illuminating details on Ripa’s co-host situation. Citing an unnamed source close to the production of the Live with Kelly show, the following quote makes clear that Ripa is in no specific hurry to find a new, permanent replacement for bygone hosting partner Michael Strahan. However, the source does specify that Ripa is determined to find the right Live with Kelly co-host in due time.

“Kelly has always felt strongly that the show will need a permanent co-host and she is committed to finding one. But that process cannot be rushed, and so she is happy to take her time to make sure that the chemistry is right.”

Is Kelly Ripa biding her time in finding a new co-host? Contemporary Live with Kelly guest co-hosts, like former child star Fred Savage, film actor Jerry O’Connell, popular newsman Anderson Cooper, and Boyz n the Hood star Morris Chestnut, have proven to be fan favorites among Ripa’s diehard fans. Will any of the forenamed entertainers end up being Kelly’s new co-host?

Kelly Ripa attends the 'All We Had' premiere event at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival
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For now, fans intent on being Kelly Ripa’s co-host for one day only have until Sept. 20 to apply to the Live with Kelly fan-hosting contest. As detailed by Time magazine, Live fans are encouraged to send in video applications to Ripa’s website and Facebook page. As quoted by Time from Wednesday’s show, Kelly alluded to her constant celebrity guest co-host rotation and told Live viewers to put their “mouths where [their] thumbs are.”

“These celebrities have been great, but now it’s time to put your mouths where your thumbs are. I’m building a co-host empire.”

As the world awaits a new Kelly Ripa co-host, ardent Live fans are sitting on pins and needles, while Ripa continues to consult her Rolodex of Hollywood stars for Live co-host fodder. If and when a new Live with Kelly co-host announcement makes the rounds, it will certainly be a surprise for longtime viewers and frequent watchers of Ripa’s show.

The Inquisitr previously reported on Michael Strahan’s sudden exit from the show, leaving Kelly’s side for the greener pastures of Good Morning America in May. Just last week, Strahan finally began his full-time hosting duties at GMA, moonlighting as a part-time broadcast sideman in the interim. Have you been watching Michael Strahan on Good Morning America?

Ripa’s guest co-host on Live for this morning, Sept. 12, is The Bachelor host Chris Harrison. Tomorrow, Sept. 13, she will be joined by NCIS star Michael Weatherly.

Who do you think should be the new Kelly Ripa co-host? Have you been enjoying the recent celebrity guest stars hosting the Live with Kelly show alongside Ms. Ripa? Are you going to submit a video for Ripa’s new fan co-hosting contest? Let us know in the comments section below.

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