‘Bloodline’ Season 3: What To Expect After An Epic Season 2 Finale

The Netflix original drama Bloodline was renewed for Season 3 about a month ago. Therefore, there is not a lot of information regarding spoilers for the highly-anticipated season. However, Season 2 left enough unanswered questions that we know what to expect when things pick up where they left off.

Season 3 will feature 10 episodes and will probably feature a Rayburn doing a bad thing.

Season 2 spoilers below

The last we saw of John Rayburn, he was driving away from the Florida Keys as he is still hunted by his brother, Danny, whom he murdered in Season 1.

A co-creator of the show told The Hollywood Reporter that we will find out where Kyle Chandler’s character is heading in Season 3. The co-creator also revealed that his decision to leave may be motivated by something Danny said when he was still alive.

“He warns John that if you stay here you’ll never get to be who you really are, never get to be free. That resonates with John, so by the end of the 10th episode in this moment of crisis, he kind of has an epiphany and the actions he takes kind of follow through on what teenage Danny said to him: ‘Get out and save yourself,'”

John Rayburn thought all his problems would go away if Danny was no longer around. We find out in Season 2 that John’s life may have taken a turn for the worse. He is in danger of losing his family and came close to facing justice for his crimes.

In another cliffhanger, Meg Rayburn seemed like she was ready to let the matriarch of the Rayburn household in on their dirty little secret. Will she reveal the circumstances surround Danny’s death?

Linda Cardellini suspects her character wants to rekindle her relationship with her mother.

“I think that Meg really misses her mom and all of the secrets have very much fractured the family, and I feel like she’s really lonely for her mother. Her mother and her had a really good relationship before everything happened, and now she can’t even look her mom in the eye. She’s very alone.”

The stress involving Danny’s murder was getting to both Kevin and Meg, which led to them turning on John Rayburn, who they blamed for putting them in the situation. In Season 3, the series will likely explore the family dynamic between the Rayburns, and Kevin’s attack on Marco Diaz may bring them back together.

A writer for the show revealed that their mother will find out about Danny, and her reaction to the news about her son will be a pivotal turning point in the series.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to a writer on the show who revealed that: “There is a horrible, horrible scenario down the road where their mother finds out.”

Although Marco is most likely dead from the head trauma, it is possible that the detective survived the attack from Kevin.

Kevin has also proven to be unstable and is prone to panic under pressure. Would he bring John Rayburn back to Florida Keys?

A show writer talks about Kevin, who was also struggling with sobriety in Season 2.

“He has so much to lose now. He’s sober and he’s expecting and he recognizes that he wants to put his feet firmly on the ground. But it’s too late because he’s already a co-conspirator in a murder, so in order to protect the life he wants and has the potential of having, he takes an action that in effect jeopardizes it all over again.”

There are many interesting angles to explore in Season 3 over the projected 10 episodes.

Bloodline is expected to return to Netflix sometime in 2017.

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