Florida’s Weed Weekend: 400 Pounds Of Pot Washes Ashore, Man Loses Pants During Drug Deal

Nearly 400 pounds of marijuana washed ashore on a Florida beach over the weekend, according to CBS Miami. A fisherman reportedly discovered several bundles of the drug inside burlap sacks on Jupiter Beach this past Saturday. After police were called to the scene, it was discovered that 75 packages of marijuana had somehow found its way onto dry land. If estimates are to be believed, then authorities now have over $1 million of marijuana in their possession.

Although local police have launched an investigation into where, exactly, the 400 pounds of marijuana came from, Jupiter Beach police presently have no idea where the stash originated. As such, no arrests have been made as of this writing.

Interestingly enough, the discovery of several hundred pounds of beached marijuana wasn’t the only pot-related crime going down in the Sunshine State over the weekend. The Orlando Sentinel reports that a man encountered a bit of a problem when he stopped by a local drug dealer to score a bag of reefer on Saturday.

The incident took place around two in the morning at an Orlando apartment. Carlos Villamar, unaware that 400 pounds of weed just hanging out on a Florida beach, attempted to illegally acquire some marijuana from said location. Although it started out as an average drug transaction, Villamar ended up losing a fair amount of his clothing in the process.

The Sacramento Bee explains that 29-year-old Carlos Villamar asked if anyone at the apartment had any weed for sale. Instead of hooking the guy up with a fat stash of marijuana, someone in the complex placed a gun to the pot smoker’s head. After taking his wallet, some money, and whatever else the victim had stuffed in his pockets, the suspects stole his pants, as well.

The next time Villamar decides to score some weed, perhaps he should make sure there isn’t 400 pounds of marijuana just sitting on a beach somewhere in Florida.