‘Homeland’ Season 6: Release Date, Quinn Update And Other Spoilers

Homeland is returning for Season 6 and there is a lot to talk about the way Season 5 ended.

Carrie Mathison declined an offer to rejoin the CIA, and the show left us with a cliffhanger in regard to the fate of Peter Quinn. There is also a potential for a rekindled romance between the Carrie and Peter, which could be exploited next season.

Some juicy spoilers for Homeland Season 6 have been revealed by insiders. Homeland official release date is Sunday, January 15, on Showtime.

Homeland series co-creator Alex Gansa revealed that Peter Quinn is still alive. According to Indie Wire, during a Television Critics Association press tour panel, Gansa revealed that the CIA agent is still alive and things will be a lot different for Peter in the next season.

“Quinn is alive, I can say that much,” Gansa said to the press. “He suffered a major stroke last season and his very existence was in question. You’re going to see a very changed and altered Quinn this year.”

“I think Quinn, this coming season, will really represent a very profound and familiar casualty of the war on terror for our audience. What he endured last year is different than what he’ll go through this year.”

In Season 5, Peter Quinn was exposed to sarin gas, and despite being given an antidote, the CIA agent was fighting for his life.

In the final episode, Carrie removed Quinn’s pulse monitor, which led many fans to believe that Carrie was up to no good. Some fans thought that Carrie was trying to ease the pain by making Quinn’s suffering stop.

Season 6 will feature more relationship tension between Carrie and Quinn. It is likely that some part of the plot will focus on Peter recovering and Carrie helping nurse him back to health.

Indie Wire published the synopsis for Season 6, which you can read a portion below.

“Season 6 picks up several months later and finds Carrie Mathison (Danes) back on American soil, living in Brooklyn, New York. She has begun working at a foundation whose efforts are to provide aid to Muslims living in the U.S. Season 6 will tackle the after effects of the U.S. presidential election, with the entire season taking place between election day and the inauguration.”

Therefore, the show is likely going to address current issues in America. It is unclear whether the show will involve some of the controversies involved in Donald Trump’s campaign, such as his comments about banning all Muslims from entering America.

Saul and Carrie are still going to be mending their relationship in Season 6. With Saul still dedicated to his work at the CIA, he will have to hash out his differences with Carrie. As seen in Season 5, their relationship will remain complicated because there are certain details Saul won’t be able to tell Carrie as she won’t have the CIA clearance.

Claire Danes stated that the two characters “are profoundly bonded” and as seen in the show so far. When it comes down to it, they always have each other’s back.

Homeland Season 6 will feature a female president, which is also a possibility with Hillary Clinton going against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The co-creator of the show discussed the President’s character on Homeland.

“We kind of hedged our bets,” Gansa said. “Although she is a woman, she’s a little bit Hillary, a little bit Donald Trump and a little bit Bernie Sanders. Anything can happen.”

Homeland has been renewed for two more seasons, so we get to see the show get a Season 8 and maybe more.

Homeland Season 6 will be released in January 2017.

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