ISIS Plots Chainsaw Massacre: Extremists Openly Recruiting To Butcher Christians

A report out of Europe indicates that ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has every inclination to continue their war not only against the West wherever it can gain an opportunity but against Christians in particular. Belgian police have arrested the son of a radical imam who was openly calling for the killing of Christians. Even worse, he allegedly admitted while in custody that ISIS was recruiting to kill Christians in a bloody chainsaw massacre at a popular shopping center.

Daily Mail reported September 9 that a Muslim teenager, the son of a radical imam in the Belgian city of Verviers, was arrested after a video surfaced of him walking the streets of the city cursing Christians in Arabic and calling for the murder of Christians. During the subsequent police interview, the teen allegedly told investigators that ISIS is currently recruiting extremists whose sole mission would be to carry out a massacre in a shopping mall, and promoting the idea that the attack(s) should be conducted with chainsaws.

The teen, whose name was withheld, allegedly revealed to police over the summer (according to the Belgian newpaper La Derniere Heure) that ISIS is recruiting lone wolves in Belgium, and that jihadists who traveled to fight in Syria were attempting to convince extremists who remained at home to launch terror attacks. The teen, the son of imam Shayh Alami, allegedly said that two of the planned attacks involved a chainsaw massacre at a shopping center. A third terrorist attack was plotted against an imam, a man targeted, according to the teen, because he was “not radical enough.”

The arrest and plot revelations mark the continuing battles being waged in Western nations to combat the switch in ISIS’ strategic agenda from recruiting extra-nationals to the war being waged in Syria and Iraq to the insistence that new and old (sometimes returning from fighting in the Middle East, as Inquisitr reported in August) members turn to attacking targets in their home countries. In an issue of the Islamic State’s propaganda magazine Dabiq, issued in August, the extremists outlined in a six-point essay just why they waged war against the West and detailed their fight against Christians. As noted by the Clarion Project, an extremism watchdog group, in the magazine, in an issue entitled “Breaking the Cross,” ISIS presented an “extended rebuttal of Christian and Jewish theology which sets forth the arguments to believe in Islam.”

But Christians, along with other religious minorities (like Yazidis and Alawites), have been targeted by ISIS along as it extended its so-called “caliphate” from Syria to Iraq. And, like Yazidis and Alawites, Christians and their communities have been expelled from their lands, killed outright, enslaved, and/or forced to convert to Islam. Why? Because, according to ISIS’ extremist views, Islam is the only true belief system, and all others are apostate. ISIS took a “captive, convert, or die” approach to members of other religions — including its rival Muslim sect, the Shiites.

A report from the New York Times in September 2014, just three months following the creation of the Islamic State, revealed that Iraqi Christians had described their plight in the region as “slow-motion genocide.”

For its part, Belgium has attempted to rid itself of the teen’s radical father, Shayh Alami. In fact, the process of deporting the imam has been completed and the orders written, but a pending appeal of the deportation by the imam has kept him in the country.

Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken has been trying to deport the imam. He has started looking into initiating deportation proceedings against the son as well. Referring to Alami as the “hate Imam,” Francken told the Belgian newspaper that the cleric was well-known in Verviers and the surrounding area.

“I already signed the order to remove the imam from Belgian soil. But he appealed the decision, so I can only hope for a quick sentence. Clearly radicalism runs in the family.”

As to the planned chainsaw massacre(s), this would not be the first time ISIS extremists used the machines to spread their particular brand of fear. Just last week, the Inquisitr reported that an ISIS sharia court in Mosul, Iraq, sentenced nine youths to death, convicted of allegedly being members of a resistance faction. ISIS militants then used a chainsaw to cut the accused youths in half.

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