‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: POV Results, And Nicole Admits To Faking ‘BB18’ Footage For The Show

Brother 18 is nearly over and the viewers are getting antsy to finally see who will win the game, after 90-plus days in the house. With only five people left in the game, winning the POV (Power of Veto) is necessary to stay in the house. In fact, it was so important to pull off a win that Nicole Franzel claims that production told her details about the competition. It created a fan frenzy at the mere mention that Big Brother production could be interfering in the game, yet again. Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian must pull off a win today or one of them will go home during Tuesday evening’s pre-recorded eviction episode.

To recap the events of Week 12 so far, Corey Brooks won the HOH (Head of Household) competition on Thursday night and he decided to nominate Paul and Victor for eviction. He made a solid plan with Nicole and James Huling that they’d try hard to win the POV to “lock in” the nominations, thus keeping Nicole and James safe for the week. What they don’t know is Week 12 is a Big Brother Fast Forward, so there will be two evictions before the week’s end.


Big Brother Network reports that Nicole was allegedly fed information from production that gave her key information about the POV competition. The live feed subscribers noticed that Nicole knew to study the faces of the houseguests on the memory wall, and was carefully noticing differences between the different teeth and eyebrows. It created a panic on social media, as the Big Brother fans realized that production was trying to control the outcome of the POV competition. Is it possible that they wanted to make sure that Paul and Victor stayed on the block?

No one knows for certain if Nicole was really told secret information about the POV competition, but many have suspected for quite some time that production has been feeding “NiCorey” information to help them get further in the game. They seemed to have an “edge” during certain competitions, especially ones that could have led to them being backdoored or targeted.

“I’m just giving them footage.”

Big Brother 18 live feeds indicate this isn’t the first time that Nicole has made a comment about production, either. Just a few days ago, Corey and Nicole were talking about who would be the target this week. They appeared to talk about the pros and cons for Victor and Paul versus James. She quickly stated, “I am just giving them footage for the show.”

If you weren’t paying attention, you may have missed it, but she implied that she was trying to give production footage of them struggling to figure out who to nominate. All the while, they knew that James was never going to be one of the nominations. It’s not the first time she’s briefly mentioned “giving production footage” either, and it surely won’t be the last. The question is, did her “tip” from production help her win the POV?

After a five-hour long Big Brother competition, Nicole won the POV, Joker Updates reports. As discussed with Corey and James on Friday night, she will not use the POV to save either nominee. Victor or Paul will be leaving on Tuesday’s pre-recorded eviction episode. Do you think Nicole will follow through and send Victor out of the Big Brother house next?

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think Nicole will use the POV to save one of the nominees? Do you think the BB18 production has helped the houseguests win competitions this season? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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