Inside Kendall Jenner’s Sexy And Romantic Relationship With Harry Styles

It’s on between Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. Ever since the couple was first spotted reportedly rekindling their love last week, it’s been said that the two are back on and are wanting to take the next step in their relationship.

There is nothing more confusing than Kendall Jenner’s on-and-off relationship with Harry Styles. The two have recently reunited after the infamous time they spent on a private yacht over the New Year’s holiday earlier this year. Sources say Jenner wants to get serious with Styles because she feels that he’s “the one” even though she’s been linked to a lot of famous men like rapper A$AP Rocky and NBA star Jordan Clarkson.


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According to People, the pair is giving their relationship another go. Although Kendall is going to be busy with New York Fashion Week and all other Fashion Week events after that, the source added the two are “giving it another try, and she’s hopeful things will be different this time around.”

“Harry has always been that guy for Kendall,” an insider revealed to the outlet. “She would love to be in a real relationship with him, but he’s always had issues settling down in the past with her because he has that rock star mentality.”

Jenner and Styles apparently had a lot of catching up to do since they spent three whole days together. According to Us Weekly, the couple was spotted dining at L.A. hotspot Ysabel on Thursday, September 1. But, one of the sources insists that the two are just friends and nothing serious is happening between them. Styles is the one who just wants to hang out amid his busy acting schedule.

“They’re friends. They didn’t stop being friends. He’s spent the past seven months working really hard, so right now all he wants to do is spend time with his mates again,” an alleged friend of the One Direction singer told the outlet.

“They’re not fully back on, but they did hang out and had a quasi-dinner date,” another source added. “She was, of course, super happy, bubbly and excited that he got back in touch with her.”


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Kendall and Harry were spotted again two days later, although there are no photos of their apparent date. They were supposedly seen in front of Mel’s Diner on Sunset Boulevard around midnight on Friday, a third source told Us Weekly.

“They got food to go. They were alone and looked relaxed and chill,” the insider said. “I only saw them hug and he had his hand around her waist.”

Styles, 23, and Jenner, 20, were reportedly spotted with their bodyguards when they went on their date. Onlookers said the two couldn’t stop smiling and laughing when they were last seen together. This comes after People reported that Styles and Jenner are ready to spend more time together and see where things take them.

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“They’re rekindling their old romance and Kendall’s so excited and happy about it,” said an inside source. “She’s always cared about Harry.”

Kendall Jenner’s relationship with Harry Styles may even get steamier than usual. She revealed that she wants to visit the Museum of Sex in New York City, which is known for its gallery of animal mating rituals and fetish exhibit, reports Refinery29. Sounds like the perfect date for a sexy couple like Jenner and Styles. Jenner revealed on her app that she wants to book a trip there sometime soon after the Fashion Week festivities end.

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When Kendall is in the city, she often stays in Kim and Kanye’s Soho apartment. In her latest blog post, she reminisced about her first visit to New York City when she visited the huge American Girl doll store. Now that Kendall is an adult and possibly in a relationship with Harry, she may want to spice things up in her romantic life.

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