London Nightclub Fabric Shut Down Over Drug Abuse, Despite Petition To Save It

A London nightclub has been shut down in spite of all efforts to keep it going. The problem involved with Fabric was a legal one, an issue many nightclubs are notorious for. Those clubs aren’t responsible for the drug abuse which occurs within their walls, but the patrons seem to make the connection too often.

The common connection between nightclubs and drugs is one which has spawned references in popular movies and TV shows. Patrons sometimes use ecstasy, LSD, or some other hallucinogen to make the experience more intense, but it’s illegal.

The latter fact is the reason why nobody was able to keep the London nightclub Fabric from being closed down. London Mayor Sadiq Khan was among those whose efforts to keep Fabric open were in vain. He expressed his disappointment at the closing of the popular locale, according to Sky News.

“London’s iconic clubs are an essential part of our cultural landscape. Clubbing needs to be safe but I’m disappointed that Fabric, Islington Council, and the Metropolitan Police were unable to reach agreement on how to address concerns about public safety. As a result of this decision, thousands of people who enjoyed going to Fabric as an essential part of London’s nightlife will lose out. This decline must stop if London is to retain its status as a 24-hour city with a world-class nightlife.”

Mayor Khan has also said that the London nightclubs aren’t the only places being routinely shut down over drug usage. The city has also lost 40 percent of its live music scene, meaning that local bands might find it more difficult to be noticed.

Mayor Khan mentioned that he used to go to Fabric when he was younger, and it was where many of history’s biggest techno bands and major disc jockeys such as Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers rose to fame. These were only a few of the musicians who stood behind a petition to keep the London nightclub open.

The shutdown of these locations was made inevitable when two teenagers had been found dead after allegedly overdosing on illegal drugs. Major crimes had also been linked to Fabric and other nightclubs, leading the Metropolitan Police to review the iconic club’s license and suspend it last month.

Representatives for Fabric had gathered at a Council meeting to keep the doors open on Tuesday. They had concluded that the drug culture was beyond their control, and decided that the club was unsafe to keep in operation.

Metropolitan Police believes the right decision was made, says the Daily Maverick. “Police felt the need to act due to concerns about the safety of those attending the club due to the supply of class A drugs in the venue and the recent deaths of two young men linked to the club.”

Nightclub patrons across the city were saddened when they learned that Fabric would no longer remain open. It had developed a reputation to rival Ministry of Sound over the last 15 years. Many have taken to social media and stated that if Fabric was officially closed over drug abuse, it would be inevitable for all nightclubs to be closed down. Some have even said that the London nightclub wasn’t the reason for said drug usage, and the people using them will just go somewhere else now.

Could this be the end of rave culture? With Fabric closing its doors over the deaths of two teens, it may just start a domino effect of other nightclubs in London and throughout the world closing down.

[Image via Vadim Ponomarenko/]