Kristen Stewart Labeled F***ing Cheater By SoKo?

Kristen Stewart and SoKo got the media’s attention when they were seen hanging out together on different coffee bars. Although their short time relationship was indeed precious for the Twilight beauty, apparently SoKo did not take the fall very well.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, when the SoKo found out that Stewart was getting involved with her ex-lover, she immediately took to her Twitter to post (and quickly deleting) a tweet that simply read, “CHEATER. F***ing CHEATER.”

However, the French singer did not use Kristen Stewart’s name in her tweet, but according to the online publication, it seemed pretty clear who she was talking about in such an obscene tweet.

Not only this, SoKo took to her Instagram to share her future plans about not falling in love with a person who will cheat on her.

“I will marry the strongest and most reliable of them all, one that doesn’t cheat, one that isn’t deceitful, one that is stable,” she wrote.

“One that is romantic and caring and loving and kind, a real person, one that will be on my team… one whose heart doesn’t disappoint and who knows how to live a good, healthy and simple life.”

Well, our heart goes out to SoKo, but if these statements are true, then Stewart did break her heart.

Not only this, the 30-year-old singer looked glum when she had to attend the Cannes Film Festival right after the breakup. According to Daily Mail, the French singer appeared downcast as she was pictured out in Cannes.

“The actress failed to raise a smile as she headed to the Three Six Zero Entertainment celebration.”

Furthermore, Hollywood Life reported that it was Cargile who guided and helped Stewart to forget everything about SoKo.

Kristen and Alicia were said to have been going through an on-again-off-again romance for several years before eventually taking a long break from each other. It was around the same break when Stewart found solace with SoKo. Their romance, however, lasted only a couple of months, and during this time, the Café Society actress realized how madly in love she was with her ex.

According to the publication, Stewart did not see any prominent future with SoKo, but in Cargile, she saw her entire life.

“Alicia [Cargile] has been the one that’s really opened Kristen [Stewart’s] eyes up to her sexuality. She nursed her through heartbreak when she split with Soko and has always been the closest person to her.”

Kristen Stewart current gilfriend
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“When they reconciled, Kristen realized Alicia is the love of her life and she can’t live or be without her. That made her feel comfortable to scream from the rooftops about their relationship,” the source continued, insinuating that the Twilight actress’ decision to come out in public came about after she got together with Cargile.

In other Kristen Stewart-related news, SoKo is currently focusing on her career as a multifaceted artist to get her life going. In her recent interview with New York Magazine, Stewart’s ex-lover openly said that things have been hard for her, but she will find a way to make her dreams come true.

“When I have an idea in my head, there’s no way I can stop thinking about it, and I have to find a way to make it happen. I won’t wait for people to give me my dream,” she further stated.

At this moment, Kristen Stewart is going all gaga for Alicia Cargile, but the fans still have no idea when the couple are going to announce their wedding plans.

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