Taylor Swift Breakup? Pop Star Allegedly Fed Up With Tom Hiddleston's Conquest For Fame [Report]

A Taylor Swift breakup might be happening sooner than we thought. In the past few weeks, rumors have been circulating that the pop star and Thor actor Tom Hiddleston, might be having trouble in paradise.

A recent report done by Yahoo stated that the favorite Hollywood couple has been fighting nonstop. Inside sources have claimed that Swift is displeased that Hiddleston is using their very public relationship to boost his career. Since the beginnings of Hiddleswift, fans of the pop star have been questioning whether her actor boyfriend is genuine.

An insider source close to the two told Daily Mail that the couple has been quarreling over how public their relationship should be, reported Yahoo.

"Tom wants their relationship to be public, even asking Taylor to go to the Emmys with him, but Taylor wants to keep her private life private."
While a Taylor Swift breakup has yet to occur, rumors about the status of the relationship have only been intensifying. The singer is reportedly annoyed over Tom Hiddleston's obsession with fame.
"Tom's need for their relationship to be so public so quickly makes her uncomfortable. She tried to be OK with it in the beginning but fears he is in love with the idea of her and not falling in love with her for the right reasons."
A Taylor Swift breakup has seemed to be in the cards for quite some time. Though the couple hasn't officially announced a split, there have been many indicators that their relationship is suffering. In August, Hiddleswift allegedly got into a huge argument over their conflicting schedules. Another anonymous source close to the couple told Us Weekly about their major blowout, wrote Yahoo.
"They weren't spending as much time together lately...It was hard making their schedules work and they were upset they couldn't see each other."
Though a Taylor Swift breakup hasn't happened yet, her boyfriend has been coming under a lot of fire for quite some time. Many fans of the 'Bad Blood' singer have been questioning whether or not Hiddleston is committed to the singer. In fact, a lot of Swifties think Tom Hiddleston is only dating Taylor for her fame. Since the start of their romance, the Thor actor has been dealing with these rumors. In fact, he took to Twitter to respond to these allegations.
"How best to put this? That notion is - look, the truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together and we're very happy. Thanks for asking. That's the truth. It's not a publicity stunt."
Taylor Swift breakup rumors have been circulating for quite some time. Not only has the pop star been having issues with Hiddleston, but the actor is allegedly unhappy with his girlfriend. Tom Hiddleston has been "losing patience," with the way Taylor Swift has been treating him, reported FX News Call.

Despite all the ugly rumors that have been surrounding the couple, Tom Hiddleston claims they are anything but true. The actor told the Hollywood Reporter that he and Swift are "both very happy," reported FX News Call.

A Taylor Swift breakup would be very unfortunate. The couple's romance started out incredibly strong. Hiddleswift was first spotted in June, having a smooch session in Rhode Island. Since then, the two have traveled together to Italy and met each other's families.

Though the two spent the first half of their summer traveling together, they have been spending a significant time apart, lately. Tom Hiddleston has been filming Thor: Ragnarok in Australia, while Swift has been in the states.

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