Ariel Winter Is ‘Single AF’, Julie Bowen Defends ‘Modern Family’ Co-Star’s Racy Photos Online

Modern Family star Ariel Winter is not dating anyone at the moment. The 18-year-old set the record straight on Twitter, tweeting she is “single AF.”

Ariel Winter has been spotted several times with longtime pal Sterling Beaumon, which inevitably led to dating rumors. It, however, did not take long before Winter cleared things up on social media.

Winter told Entertainment Tonight that she and Beaumon have been “best friends for 10 years.” The Sofia the First star added that she has been single for quite some time but she is open to “meeting anybody.”

“We see each other every day, but no, we’re like, literally best friends. … I’ve just kinda, like, been single for a little while now. I’ve enjoyed it, and if something happens, it happens.”

Ariel Winter and her boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette split in June after more than two years of dating.

The Modern Family star has been one to post revealing photos on Instagram, which drew mixed responses from her followers. While some saw her as champion of positive body image, others cannot help but wonder if she is getting a little bit too far, showing too much of herself. Winter told ET that she does not let these comments get the best of her.

“I don’t really think I’m telling myself. ‘You should post this, you shouldn’t post that,’ I feel like I’m just having fun,” she explained.

Winter also added that people should be able to post anything they want on social media without fear of being criticized.

“Everybody is so hyped up on the fact that I post photos where my butt’s out. It’s a butt. Everyone has a butt. I don’t think it’s crazy. It’s like, ‘Let me live! I’m enjoying my life, you’re enjoying your life, you should be posting your butt if you like it, too!'”

In an interview with, Julie Bowen came to her Modern Family co-star’s defense. Growing up, Bowen said that she would have loved to have someone like Winter whom she could look up to.

“All my advice for her would have been wrong. She is so sure about who she is and her body and how she lives in this world. I was the opposite of her when I was 18, I was a boyish little no hips, no boobs. Very lacking in confidence. I wish I’d had somebody around like her who is so confident in saying ‘Hey, I don’t fit this perfect ideal, but I still think I’m pretty damn perfect.'”

Bowen added that she has learned to get out of Winter’s way, explaining that the 18-year-old already has everything covered.

“I have learned to get out of her way, because she knows what she’s doing and she’s very confident in herself. She has people telling her ‘You should wear this, you should wear that’. She just tells them: thanks for your opinion, and moves on.”

Meanwhile, Modern Family has been once again nominated for an Emmy for Best Comedy Series this year. Ty Burrel, who plays Phil Dunphy on the hit ABC series, has also been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Bowen, on the other hand, is not nominated this year. Rather than feel dismayed with the snub, Bowen shared that she actually felt relieved.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for all the nominations I’ve gotten, but I can’t sleep and I get anxious … you have to think of something to say, there are so many crazy mind games. It’s usually the first or second award of the show, and the minute that it’s done, I feel so happy that it’s over. I don’t care whether I won or didn’t win, I’m just thrilled that I get to enjoy the rest of the night,” she shared.

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]