Maria Shriver Called By ’60 Minutes,’ Tells Them She’s ‘Not Interested’

Arnold Schwarzenegger is turning scandal and personal struggle into pure gold, what with the release of his tell-all book mere days away, the related media blitz, and his attempts to revive his acting career in Hollywood. His estranged wife Maria Shriver? No so much into the publicizing of her personal life. When approached for a potential interview with 60 Minutes, her reported response was a simple “beat it.”

According to TMZ, 60 Minutes sat down with the former-Governator to get details on his upcoming autobiography, but they didn’t bother to call Shriver to get her take on the things Schwarzenegger said in the book. Instead, a producer reportedly called her as an afterthought, in an effort to squeeze in a general comment about the book from its author’s ex. The Schwarzenegger interview had already been shot, and Shriver apparently had “no interest” in adding anything to it.

“The piece is a blow *** for Arnold,” a source says. “Lesley Stahl just fawned over him.”

Furthermore, Shriver never even got an advanced copy of the book, which she allegedly believes is ” a big PR stunt to get back in the public’s good graces.” She’s almost absolutely right by any measure of common sense, but you can still see a clip of the interview, set to air tomorrow, here.

In it, Arnold calls his love-child affair with former housekeeper Mildred Baena “the stupidest thing I’ve done in the whole relationship,” and when asked how Shriver feels, Schwarzenegger says, “I think Maria is, you know, wishing me well with everything that I do.”

I bet.