September 3, 2016
Best Movies & Netflix Series Perfect For Labor Day Weekend September 2016

Netflix has a variety of content, including new releases for September 2016, and as fall approaches there is a wide selection of movies and Netflix series perfect for the Labor Day weekend. Whether you are searching for movies the whole family can watch, a series that is binge-worthy, or a movie that captures the essence of summer, Netflix has a program for you.

Best Summer Movies on Netflix for Summer

Wet Hot American Summer(2001)

Wet Hot American Summer is one of the best comedy movies on Netflix and it features an all-star cast: Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon, Jo Lo Truglio, Michael Ian Black, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, and Bradley Cooper. The movie takes place in 1981 and is a spoof on sex-comedies of that period; camp counselors and campers embark on their last day at Camp Firewood. This comedy is perfect for the end of summer and for a laugh-out-loud Labor Day weekend.

Staten Island Summer(2015)

Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels produces this coming-of-age comedy. A group of lifeguards aim to throw the biggest bash of the summer while they try to figure out life. Saturday Night Live cast members fill this movie including Fred Armisen, Bobby Moynihan, and Cecily Strong. Staten Island Summer is one of the funnies movies on Netflix and it is perfect for the beginning of September.


Nothing says summer like nature and white water rafting. Unfortunately, for this group of friends it also means terror. Rotten Tomatoes scores this film at 93 percent and provides the premise for one of the best movies on Netflix.

"Adapted from James Dickey's popular novel, John Boorman's 1972 movie recounts the grueling psychological and physical journey taken by four city slickers down a river in the backwoods of Georgia...

"After warnings from the grimy, impoverished locals, and Drew's tuneful yet ominous,Dueling Banjos' encounter with a mute inbred boy, the four men embark on their trip, exulting in the beauty of nature and the initial thrill of the rapids. The next day, however, things begin to take a turn for the worse when Bobby and Ed decide to rest on shore after becoming separated from Lewis and Drew."

Deliverance Best Movies on Netflix
[Image via Warner Bros.]Adventureland(2009)

One of the best coming-of-age movies in modern time, Adventureland is semi-autobiographical about a nowhere job once held by writer and director Greg Mottola. Jesse Eisenberg plays a college graduate who has to spend his summer working for an amusement park. Along the way, he forms friendships and romance as he ponders life. This nostalgic film tells a heartwarming story of friendship and love and is perfect for Netflix subscribers looking for feel-good movies over the September holiday weekend.

Adventureland Netflix Movies September 2016 Labor Day
Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart star in 'Adventureland.' [Image via Miramax Films]Jaws(1975)

Steven Spielberg's timeless thriller will have many people relieved that they are away from the beach — stuck inside this stormy Labor Day — safe from sharks. Jaws arrived to Netflix in September 2016, and is one of the most iconic films of all-time. A killer shark terrorizes a small island town and Richard Dreyfus, Roy Scheider, and Robert Shaw sweep in for the rescue.

Best Movies on Netflix for the Family this Labor Day Weekend


Jack Black portrays author R.L. Stine in this comedy-adventure, and it is one of the best family movies available on Netflix. A teenager befriends the daughter of Stine and the trio joins together after the imaginary creatures of his Goosebumps novels come to life. The movie is rated PG and is appealing for audiences of all ages. It is streaming on Netflix through the month of September.

Goosebumps Netflix Movies Series September 2016
[Image via Columbia Pictures]The Princess Bride(1987)

Many Netflix viewers will be looking for an escape this Labor Day to leave their workweek behind. The Princess Bride is one of the best movies to escape in. A young boy is sick in bed, and his grandfather comes to visit bringing him a book that he reads to him at his bedside. The book is filled with adventure, a giant, swashbucklers, pirates, shrieking eels, a six-fingered man, and of course — true love.

Harry and the Hendersons(1987)

Parents will enjoy revisiting this nostalgic '80s movie, and children will love watching Harry and the Hendersons for the first time. John Lithgow leads the cast as a man who accidentally hits a Bigfoot-type monster with his car while vacationing with his family. They take the gargantuan home and adopt him into their family.

Netflix movies september 2016 harry and the hendersons
[Image via Universal Pictures]The Land Before Time(1988)

This G-rated classic animated film by Don Bluth may be a bit much for some adults, especially if they never viewed it as a child, but kids will love this story of young dinosaurs making their adventurous journey to Great Valley. The Land Before Time was one of the most popular cartoon movies of the '80s and remains a hit with new generations.

land before time netflix september 2016
[Image via Universal Pictures]Best Netflix Series to Binge-Watch Through Labor Day Weekend

Stranger Things(2016)

Netflix's Stranger Things is already a part of modern pop culture because of the '80s pop culture the show bases itself on. For those that have yet to see the series, or for those eager to revisit it, this is the perfect Netflix series to binge-watch during the Labor Day weekend as it is only one season long with eight episodes. IMDB describes the premise of one of the most popular shows on Netflix.

"In a small town where everyone knows everyone, a peculiar incident starts a chain of events that leads to the disappearance of a child - which begins to tear at the fabric of an otherwise peaceful community. Dark government agencies and seemingly malevolent supernatural forces converge on the town, while a few locals begin to understand that there's more going on than meets the eye."
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt(2015)

This witty and quirky Netflix comedy series is only two seasons long, with the third arriving in 2017, and features 13 half-hour episodes per season. The series was created by Tina Fey and stars Ellie Kemper, and it was originally going to air on NBC before being sold to Netflix. Kemper plays a woman who spent 15 years in a cult and locked in a bunker. Upon being rescued she starts over in New York City. This Netflix original is oddly addictive and it should be a breeze for viewers to finish both seasons in a few days.


When people return to work after a three-day weekend many of them will no doubt be talking about the second season of Narcos, which arrived to Netflix in September. This Netflix crime-drama covers the notorious cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar. Dedicated binge-viewers can knockout the entire series over the Labor Day holiday, both seasons contain ten episodes averaging 45 minutes each.

Netflix Narcos September 2016
[Image via Netflix]Jessica Jones(2015)

Marvel fans, and mystery fans alike, who haven't had a chance to watch this Netflix original series need to take advantage of the Labor Day holiday. Superhero turned private investigator, Jessica Jones is a complex character who struggles with alcohol, past trauma, and must face the diabolical villain Kilgrave — the cause of all her pain. This series also introduces the character of Luke Cage whose show debuts on Netflix at the end of September.

Netflix Series Jessica Jones
[Image via Netflix]Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp(2015)

The camp counselors and campers are back for more hilarious satire in this prequel made 14 years after the movie. The all-star casts return in this Netflix original series for more sexual escapades. Where the movie took place on the last day of camp, the series takes place on the first day. For those looking for laughs this Labor Day, this is the perfect way for Netflix subscribers to start their month of September.


Best Movies On Netflix September 2016

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