‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Corey And Paul Call Michelle A Nasty Name And James Could Blow Up The Game For ‘NiCorey’

Big Brother 18 is winding down. The final six houseguests have been revealed, and the scheming for final two deals has begun. There are three duos right now but one of them will be split up by the end of the live eviction next Thursday night.

Victor is the new Head of Household (HOH) and it was his turn to throw out nominations. James and Natalie were nominated because Victor has a final four deal with Paul, Corey, and Nicole. Despite NiCorey (Nicole and Corey) being untrustworthy, they are safe this week unless James or Natalie win the Power of Veto (POV).


Michelle was evicted from the Big Brother house last night and already the houseguests are talking badly about her. There has been a lot of conflict between her and Nicole this season and when she exited, she desperately tried to blow up Nicole’s game. According to Big Brother Leak, both Corey and Paul called Michelle the “c-word” several times. It is one of the more vile words you can call a female and they are throwing it out about her without a second thought. She has also been called a bully, and many of the other houseguests would agree with that assumption. The others have not yet chimed in on the Michelle bashing, but it isn’t far off.


Season 18 has been one of the more calm seasons, but the words being used have been over-the-top. Paulie caught a lot of flack for the way he acted and things he said about the women in the BB house and jury house. In fact, the drama spilled over to Twitter with Evel Dick weighing in. Dick got into it with Paulie’s father and other family members causing a lot of name calling and blocking on the social network. Now that Corey and Paul are trash-talking Michelle, they have joined the ranks of Paulie. They have no idea what America is saying as they are tossing insults, but it is making them less likable.


Tomorrow, the POV will be played and that will be the determining factor as to who goes home on Thursday night. James and Natalie both have a shot at winning since they have been decent contenders this season on Big Brother. James has been a fan-favorite but will likely not receive the America’s Favorite prize this year. Both are talking about possible scenarios with the competition tomorrow and how they can sway the vote if one of them comes down. Since they were once in a final four alliance with NiCorey, they have a little bit of leverage to blow up their game.


Right now, Corey is having a hard time being a have not in the BB house. This is going to leave him weak for the competition tomorrow, giving both nominees a bit of an advantage. If all goes well, Nicole or Corey will be sitting on the block next to half of “Jatalie” (James and Natalie). There is still hope for these two this week, but they need to work on saving themselves and getting NiCorey out. He has even mentioned telling Nicole off about not getting Victor out permanently when he wins the game. “Jatalie” has decided that if Victor is sitting in the final two, he will get their votes.


The season finale of Big Brother will be airing on September 21 on CBS. The entire cast will be there and give comments about how they felt the season went. America’s favorite player will be given their prize and a new winner of the game will be crowned. There is still plenty of the Big Brother game left to play and at this point, anyone can still win.

[Image via CBS]