Will Drake Break Rihanna’s Heart? What Insiders Think

Now that Rihanna and Drake are official, all eyes have been on the couple. But will the rapper really ditch his womanizing ways and stay committed to the “Work” singer, or will he break her heart?

Hollywood Life is afraid that Drake will not change his ways and will only end up hurting Rihanna. If you read into the rumors, then you will know that Drake gets around. According to the celebrity gossip blog, the two have been linked since 2010, but they have broken up multiple times over the years.

Drake wasn’t ready to settle down with Rihanna. An alleged source told Hollywood Life that he needed “a little space to focus on your career.” The outlet also believes that Drake proposed to Rihanna after the VMAs and that she said yes, according to their exclusive source. Rihanna has also showed her appreciation for the rapper by getting a new shark tattoo on her ankle and by dedicating a thoughtful post to him on Instagram.

Hollywood Life aren’t the only ones who are cautious about Drake. Another anonymous source told the outlet that Rihanna would be “severely damaged” if Drake broke her heart.

“He’s got to be careful,” an inside source told the outlet. “She’s very fragile and has been hurt too many times and the last thing she needs is heartbreak, especially from one of her best friends and lovers. If that happened, it could severely damage her future relationships and ability to trust men for decades to come. Drake’s done a lot of talking but now he must walk that walk.”

However, there is no denying that the chemistry between Rihanna and Drake is undeniable. Earlier this year, the two artists heated up during their performances and music videos. The pair have been spotted kissing on stage at one of his concerts stops in Miami. Then, Rih and Drake were spotted at the E1EVEN nightclub on Tuesday, Aug. 30, where they were spotted holding hands and kissing, according to the outlet.

A source close to Drake said that he’s willing to give up his playboy lifestyle, sources say. He’s also ready to spend the rest of his life with his best friend and collaborator, a third inside source told Hollywood Life.

“Drake had his fun with his playboy lifestyle and now that he is almost 30, he is growing up and looking to settle down with who he considers the most beautiful girl there is and that is RiRi. He wants Rihanna to be his last girlfriend. He is still going to be the fun person he is, but his hopes are that Rihanna is along for the ride and will not contribute any drama to the good thing they have. So far, things are working out.”

The “Hotline Bling” rapper confessed his love for Rihanna on stage at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, Aug. 28, where he also awarded her with the Video Vanguard Award of the year. During his speech, Drake’s eyes filled with tears as he exclaimed that he has been in love with the singer ever since he was 22-years-old.

Drake broke Rihanna’s heart already – in a good way, reports Vulture. Check out Drake’s speech at the VMAs in the video below.

Meanwhile, Rihanna rolled her eyes and chuckled. She also dodged his kiss after they walked off the stage together, leading fans to wonder if she is really into him. Seeing their recent public displays of affection, it’s clear that AubRih is on.

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[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]