JonBenet Ramsey’s Dad Speaks Out In ‘The Killing Of JonBenet’ Trailer

A wave of movies and documentaries are surfacing which include interviews related to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, and this includes straight talk from father John Bennett Ramsey and Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s brother, who was 9 at the time. In The Killing of JonBenet: The Truth Uncovered trailer, John Ramsey speaks frankly about the family relationship with the police. Missing in these shows is Patsy Ramsey, who died of cancer a decade ago.

Starting on September 12, Burke Ramsey will speak with Dr. Phil over three days about his perspective as a child of the time surrounding the murder of JonBenet, according to the Inquisitr. Though his parents tried hard to protect him from accusations in the press, Burke Ramsey says he knew that people thought he was a suspect. Even though DNA tests proved that Burke Ramsey played no role in JonBenet’s murder, Burke says that he knows there is still doubt in the mind of some people that will not lift until there is a conviction.

In The Killing of JonBenet: The Truth Uncovered, John Ramsey says that part of the truth was the veil of doubt that surrounded the family. Living all of these years, knowing that even the authorities believed the family might be involved has been crushing.

“We absolutely felt like we were the victim of a lynch mob led by the media. There’s no question that the Boulder police department believed we were the killers.”


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John Ramsey, now 72, seems aged and beaten down, understandably, even though the family was vindicated by DNA evidence in 2008. John Ramsey claims that he is still hopeful, yet his demeanor is that of a defeated man. Between the murder of his daughter and the death of his wife from cancer, he has suffered traumatic, untimely loss.

The Daily Mail says that John Ramsey believes his family was the focus of a witch hunt, and no evidence clearing them seemed to make a difference. John Ramsey also says that his participation at this time will be the last time he will speak publicly about the murder of JonBenet.

“This is my final interview. I have no reason for speaking to the media again.”

Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa is speaking out, saying that in his mind, the JonBenet Ramsey case never went cold.

“This is an open investigation. Our goal continues to be an arrest and successful prosecution, which is why we will not discuss or release details or evidence in this investigation.We have not and will not give up.”

Burke Ramsey, who was 9 at the time of the murder, was forced to grow up very fast, and essentially lost his childhood as a result of this crime. There are details about that night that Burke says are burned into his memory. He clearly remembers his mother running through the house and coming into his room to search for JonBenet.

“I remember my mom searching my room that night saying, “Where’s my baby? Where’s my baby?”

TV Guide reminds the public that the DNA found was male, and it did not match any of the family members. It was thought then that it must be that of an intruder. Those following the case will have a glut of information to sort through, with documentaries and investigation shows on almost every network, including the sit-down interview Dr. Phil conducted with Burke Ramsey, who has never spoken publicly about his sister’s murder.

Which of the shows about JonBenet’s murder will you watch?

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