'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Season 9: NeNe Leakes And Kim Zolciak Set To Return?

Perry Carpenter

Is a major casting shakeup in store for Season 9 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Early reports indicate that both NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are returning for the new season. How will their return impact the other ladies on the hit reality show?

An inside source revealed to OK! Magazine that Leakes is currently negotiating a new contract for the upcoming season. Although the official casting announcement has not been made, producers are seriously considering Leakes' offer.

"NeNe is not dumb. She does exactly what needs to be done on RHOA," the source shared.

Not only is Leakes confident in her ability to attract viewers, but she also knows that producers need something to boost ratings on RHOA, which have been down since Leakes' departure.

Unfortunately, Leakes has not confirmed her plans to return to RHOA. She has, however, teased fans by hinting at a possible comeback. Leakes even told fans that she has not been involved in a taping for the new season, at least not yet.

While fans are still in the dark about Leakes' return, Enstarz is reporting that Zolciak might be a sure thing next season. It's been four years since Zolciak was a full-time member of the show. Has enough time passed that Zolciak is interested in re-joining the series?

"Bravo is considering bringing Kim back for a new season," a source told the outlet.

Zolciak certainly has enough drama in her life to warrant a return to the reality series. According to E! Online, Zolciak recently flaunted her large diamond ring she received from Kroy Biermann in celebration of their fifth anniversary.

"Hubby got me a present!" she shared on Snapchat. "I'm so excited to open it."

Whitfield also left the show back in 2008 but came back and made a few appearances in Season 8.

"Production has her filming scenes with Sheree [Whitfield] and other cast members to see how she fits with the ladies," the insider added.

Indeed, Zolciak was recently spotted at a birthday bash for one of Whitfield's sons. A RHOA camera crew was on hand for the event, so it's pretty obvious that Whitfield will at least make one cameo appearance next season.

As far as Zolciak is concerned, her need for money is one reason why she is considering returning to the world of reality TV.

"Kim has become the main breadwinner in the family since Kroy was released from the Atlanta Falcons. So Kim is pedaling her skincare line and looking for money-making opportunities," the source shared. "She has six kids and an extravagant lifestyle to support."

Us Magazine is reporting that Biermann was picked up by the Buffalo Bills, a move that has only added to Zolciak's stress.

At the same time, Zolciak isn't the only former RHOA star with money problems.

People is reporting that Leakes is also facing rumors of possible trouble with back taxes. The reality star reportedly owes the government some $824,000 in taxes from back in 2014.

"4 all those that r asking, reporting & concern...Yes I am broke & unemployed," she stated on Twitter. "Just another dumb Celeb that doesn't know how 2 money manage. My priorities r all screwed up! I'm just a damn fool out here about to lose my house! Please start a Go Fund Me."

If Leakes is struggling with money, then it could be one reason why she is interested in joining RHOA full-time.

At this time, Bravo has yet to announce the official cast list for Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

[Image via Bravo]