Will Trump’s Live Streaming Interview At Black Detroit Church Be Delayed And Edited? [Video]

Donald Trump’s faith, with questions and answers about Trump’s views on Christianity, God, and the Bible, is back in the news in a big way on Friday, September 2. As reported by the Inquisitr, James Dobson recently said that Trump was a saved “baby Christian” who had accepted Christ as his Savior. Now new leaked questions and answers from the Trump campaign show how Trump’s team thinks Trump should respond to forthcoming questions about Trump’s system of beliefs.

On Saturday, Trump is scheduled to be interviewed by the pastor of Great Faith Ministries International in an interview that won’t be open to the public and won’t have a big news media presence. That means Trump’s interview likely won’t show up on the church’s streaming video page of their website; at least not immediately. However, it will be streamed live online at the links below, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Conflicting reports state that Trump’s interview will air later online, but it won’t be live. According to the New York Times, viewers won’t get to watch Trump’s interview on a live and streaming basis, and Trump aides will help edit the taped interview before it airs.

The national streaming link of the church is currently airing a pre-recorded interview as of this writing, but they should display Trump’s interview on Saturday. According to the church, Trump’s interview should last approximately 30 minutes on September 3.

It is not known if the Trump interview will also be available on YouTube.

Update: The Impact Network’s official statement, listed below, states that Trump will not have control over editing the interview — and that the Trump interview will air on Thursday, September 8, at 9 p.m. It will also be streamed on WatchImpact.com, says the statement, presumably not a live stream, but perhaps a stream released on Thursday.

Trump’s planned interview, a response to criticism that Trump has not spoken to black crowds directly, does not appear on the church’s events page as of this writing. Trump won’t actually speak in front of a largely African-American crowd, but his suggested responses to the questions from Bishop Wayne T. Jackson have already leaked to the public.

According to the New York Times, Trump might give answers that seem to skirt the direct nature of Trump’s relationship with Christianity and God. What follows is a sampling of a question Bishop Jackson might pose to Trump, with Trump’s planned response following the query.

“Are you a Christian and do you believe the Bible is an inspired word of God?”

“As I went through my life, things got busy with business, but my family kept me grounded to the truth and the word of God. I treasure my relationship with my family, and through them, I have a strong faith enriched by an ever-wonderful God.”

If the exact question and answer are included in the actual interview, which should take place on Saturday after an 11 a.m. service, it could be viewed as an awkward and posed exchange in the wake of the leak. Interestingly, the church holds services on Saturday instead of Sunday and advises attendees to “chill on Sundays, worship on Saturdays.”

As reported by the Detroit Free Press, Bishop Jackson reported that he has been receiving plenty of calls from people wondering if Trump is paying Jackson money in order to get the interview with the pastor accomplished.

“My phone has been burning up. And the things people are asking: ‘Is Donald Trump paying me off?’ They haven’t paid me off. You haven’t looked at me and seen a man who’s needed things. I’ve always been blessed. It’s not about being a Judas to my people. I love my people. I feel that we should be better off than what we are. This is not an endorsement. This is engagement, for him to tell us what he wants to do.”

“I owe this to my viewers. Do you think Donald Trump will manipulate the people? Black folks, we’re not stupid. We know when someone is running a game. If anybody knows, we know. And I’m saying, ‘We don’t need a guardian.'”

While it isn’t clear if the interview with Trump will be streamed live on Watch Impact, the Impact Television Network’s Facebook page states that the goal for the Trump interview is to get “real answers” out of Trump.

Jackson will ask Trump tough questions about race, religion, police violence against unarmed Black men, crime, education, and other important topics.

The schedule of Donald Trump states that Trump will hold rallies in Greenville, South Carolina, on Tuesday, September 6, as well as one in Pensacola, Florida, on Friday, September 9.

[Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images]