Dorinda Medley Stands By Luann After Cheating: Did She Have A Motive To Keep Friendship?

Dorinda Medley was happy to help when her friend, Luann de Lesseps, became a single woman again. Dorinda knew what kind of man Luann wanted, and she happened to know someone who was also single. Medley knew Thomas D’Agostino through mutual friends, so when they were both single, she decided to set them up. Needless to say, it was a success story if you ask them. Despite some cheating scandals, rumors about affairs, and Thomas’ relationship with Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer, the two appear to be happy, and they are getting married later this year.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorinda Medley is now revealing why she’s standing behind Luann these days, even though many of her Real Housewives of New York co-stars are not showing her much support. After de Lesseps learned that Thomas had cheated on her with another woman, the ladies rallied around her for support. But they quickly realized that de Lesseps wasn’t really mad about the cheating itself. She didn’t feel betrayed. Instead, she was more concerned about him being caught, which didn’t sit well with Bethenny Frankel. Dorinda Medley, on the other hand, reveals she was devastated by his behavior, especially since she was the one who got them together.

“That was really a kick in the gut for me, to see Lu’s relationship struggles get exposed like that and her pain air around the world. I thought I had it bad, but maybe I got lucky? Not really sure yet. It was devastating — as a woman who’s experienced pain and felt humiliated and feared abandonment, it was devastating,” Dorinda Medley reveals in her blog for The Real Housewives of New York, according to Bravo, adding, “I stood by her because I know how important and priceless it is to have someone by your side. Not someone to bash the man, someone to listen, console your feelings, keep you from doing and saying and thinking something drastic and just help keep you level.”

Medley admits that it was hard for her to stay supportive of the couple while in Miami. Dorinda reveals that her co-star was completely devastated and she had a hard time justifying why she should forgive him for his behavior. Dorinda knew that he was a good person deep down inside, and she wanted them to work things out, but she had a hard time justifying that to Luann. And since she managed to forgive him, Medley will stand by her and move on.

“And yes, at the time, I found it very, very hard to be supportive of Tom — especially after I got back home. In the end, she’s made her decision and I respect it, accept it, and will defend it. That’s my duty as a friend,” Dorinda Medley explains in her blog, adding:

“All I know is I have an email in my inbox about fittings and my hotel room information for New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach. Which none of the other girls can say for themselves — especially Ramona and Sonja.”

It is very interesting that Dorinda has an invitation to the New Year’s Eve wedding as one of the only Real Housewives of New York stars. Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer probably won’t be invited, as they both had relations with Thomas D’Agostino. Bethenny Frankel has been downright banned from the wedding because of her lack of support, according to the Daily Mail. And Luann and Carole Radziwill haven’t always been on the best of terms. So does Medley have a motive to keep them together? Did she support de Lesseps so she could be the only good friend in the group? And does her support risk her friendship with Bethenny? Lines have clearly been drawn in the sand, and the upcoming season could prove to be interesting.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley’s continuous support of Luann de Lesseps? Do you think she should be a good friend and warn her about his promiscuous behavior?

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Town & Country]