Kate Middleton Bottomless Photo Scandal: Could Still Be More Pictures To Come

The Kate Middleton bottomless photo scandal may not be over yet.

After the Duchess of Cambridge was embarrassed by French magazine Closer, which published photos of her topless, the scandal grew even worse when Danish publication Se og Hor published more photos of her changing her bathing suit bottoms.

The grainy images of Kate Middleton bottomless made their way onto the internet on Friday, the New York Daily News reported.

The pictures, taken at the same time as Kate Middleton’s topless photos that were published in a number of magazines across Europe, may not be the only ones, the Se og Hor editor implied.

Kim Henningsen reportedly told the Belfast Telegraph online his magazine was offered some 240 pictures but chose about 70. In one photo, Kate is seen changing into blue bikini bottoms.

“It’s a set of unique photos from an A-class celebrity. We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them,” he said.

It has previously been reported that publications had been offered a large number of photos to choose from, but the fact that the Kate Middleton bottomless photos just turned up now weeks after the scandal started could mean there are more photos still to come.

Kate Middleton’s bottomless photos could lead to penalties for magazines that dare publish them. The Royal family has been aggressive in taking legal action against these publications, which stretch across a number of countries.

Three French judges ordered Closer to halt all print and electronic publication of the images and surrender their digital copies within 24 hours or face thousands of dollars in fines. The publication was also ordered to pay legal costs for Kate Middleton.

But a more significant victory came for Prince William and Kate Middleton when a French state prosecutor agreed to launch a preliminary investigation into criminal charges against the magazine and the photographer for violating the royal couple’s right to privacy.

Representatives for the royal family are staying quiet about the Kate Middleton bottomless photos, saying: “Our stance is the same as before — we aren’t commenting on any further legal action save to say all proportionate responses will be kept under review.”