Has Joseline Hernandez Met Her Match? Tommie Lee Jailed For Allegedly Threatening To Kill The ‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star.

In Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5, Joseline Hernandez had many feuds, but the Puerto Rican Princess couldn’t handle Tommie Lee.

During the reunion, Tommie admitted to trying to run over Joseline with her car. Footage also emerged of the incident where Tommie tried to attack Joseline; Stevie J managed to restrain her in the bizarre video.

According to TMZ, Tommie turned herself in to the police over an existing arrest warrant stemming from her incident with Joseline.

Hernandez also filed for an order of protection against Tommie. Therefore, the rivals could not have a sit down during the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion.

Tommie Lee is seen getting her hair and makeup done before turning herself in. She encourages her fans to stay positive and doesn’t look to bothered about going to jail.

During Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Tommie spoke about her tough childhood, multiple arrests, and alcohol problem.

Tommie was in a tumultuous relationship with Scrapp DeLeon, which ended when he went to jail. There are rumors that they may reconcile when he is released. However, Tiarra claims that she spoke to Scrapp, and he is angry with Tommie for flirting with Stevie J.

Joseline and Tommie’s feud stems from an incident where the Puerto Rican Princess calls the police to Ms. Lee’s hotel room.

Stevie J went to the room to talk to Tommie, but it is believed that Joseline thought that they were being intimate and called the police to get revenge.

Joseline denied doing it when Tommie accused her, and they have been at odds ever since.

Tommie went viral early in the season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta when her plethora of mugshots was revealed.

Many fans of the show believe that Joseline has finally met her match.

Tommie called Joseline’s restraining order a coward move during a TMZ interview. She also accused Ms. Hernandez of trying to get her kicked off the show.

Joseline Hernandez is currently pregnant and is at odds with her alleged baby daddy Stevie J. Inquisitr reported that the former couple may not be returning to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Stevie J will reportedly have his own TV show centered around his kids and his life while Joseline Hernandez is filming her own pregnancy special.

After Stevie J lost an appeal to renew his restraining order against Joseline. The Puerto Rican Princess announced that she maybe filming a reality TV show in Miami about her pregnancy.

She is demanding that Stevie J take a paternity test to prove that he is the father of her child. The Bad Boy producer has denied being the father, and many blogs have speculated that Young Dro is the father.

Recent social media posts suggest that Joseline is currently in Los Angeles. She posted an Instagram picture of what looks like a movie or TV studio.

#vh1 #puertoricanprincess #LAFLOW

A photo posted by Management:JoselineHernandez (@vh1joselinehernandez) on

Many fans of the show wonder whether Joseline and Stevie J are really married. There has been no announcement of a divorce or separation since the couple split.

Mimi Faust has made it clear that she will not entertain having a relationship with Joseline regardless of whether Stevie is the father of the unborn baby. In an interview with VH1, Mimi said the following:

“I want nothing to do with that woman, or her child. I’m sorry, she has done the most horrible things to me. She’s done horrible things to my family. She’s made serious serious accusations about my daughter, her father, her grandfather. It’s disgusting. I absolutely want nothing to do with her. Ever. Ever. Ever.”

Tommie Lee is reportedly still in jail, and there is no information on her sentencing or whether she will be bailed out.

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