WWE News: Daniel Bryan Admits Miz Promo Was Unscripted

It has been over a week since the explosive WWE promo where The Miz cut loose on Daniel Bryan about being called a coward and cut the most intense promo of his entire career. People were still talking about The Miz promo when WWE SmackDown Live aired this week, but the WWE chose to redirect the angle to a Miz feud with Dolph Ziggler.

In an interview with ESPN, Daniel Bryan said that the WWE will work to keep him and The Miz apart for awhile because much of the promo was unscripted. In the interview, Bryan said that all he knew was they Miz was coming out to throw some shade at him, and he responded by calling Miz a coward in the way he wrestles.

As most people saw, The Miz turned it around and called Daniel Bryan the coward for promising his fans he would return to the ring and then retiring due to concussion issues. The Miz said that if Bryan wasn’t as much of a coward, he would return to the indies like he promised he would if the WWE forced him to retire.

Daniel Bryan said he has known The Miz for a long time, and they know how to push each other’s buttons. Bryan said that he was honest about not liking how The Miz wrestles and then admitted that The Miz was partially right because Daniel said he feels like a coward sometimes for not wrestling anymore.

However, The Miz had no idea that Bryan was going to call him a cowardly wrestler, and Daniel had no idea The Miz was going to call him out on not returning to the wrestling ring after promising for a year that he was coming back. All that was improvised between the two superstars and Daniel said he had to walk away because he wanted to realistically punch The Miz.

What makes this promo so amazing is that both Daniel Bryan and The Miz were allowed to go unscripted, and it felt real. Many WWE promos today feel like the wrestlers are trying to deliver a script they memorized an hour earlier. This time, Daniel and The Miz really felt like they believed every word they said.

When it comes to The Miz, he was 100 percent correct in what he said. The Miz said that he wrestles how he wrestles because that means he can go for 10 years now without ever getting a serious injury. Meanwhile, guys that fly and wrestle without abandon like Daniel Bryan and Edge are now retired due to injuries, and others like Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Neville have all missed significant time due to injuries.

Daniel Bryan was also right. In the ESPN interview, Bryan said he wants to wrestle and believes that he can still wrestle. However, his concussion issues make that a bad decision. Daniel said that he believes he can go 100 percent in the ring now but says that his wife, Brie Bella, keeps him in check and reminds him that his life, family, and future are more important than getting back into the ring.

That doesn’t make Daniel Bryan a coward. At the same time, The Miz is smart enough to limit his in-ring risks while still delivering quality matches, and that does not make him a coward either. By the end of the interview, fans online were debating which wrestler was right, making this one of the most successful promos in a long time.

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Sadly, the WWE went from that amazing promo with The Miz and Daniel Bryan and moved on to the more scripted work by having Dolph Ziggler call out The Miz for being a coward. As ESPN reported after this week’s WWE SmackDown Live aired, the WWE took an organic moment that had fans talking and created something synthetic out of it.

The WWE will have The Miz battle Dolph Ziggler when the fans want to see The Miz and Daniel Bryan face off again, even if it is just for another unscripted promo. However, as Bryan said, that will have to wait. If The Miz pushes too many more of Daniel’s buttons, a legitimate fistfight could break out on live television.

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