WWE News: Daniel Bryan Feels That He Could Have Competed With Brock Lesnar

Outside of his original return to the WWE, where Brock Lesnar lost to both John Cena and Triple H, Lesnar has been unbeatable in a WWE ring. Lesnar beat CM Punk, Mark Henry, Big Show, The Undertaker, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Rusev, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton. Now, it looks like his next opponent is going to possibly be WWE SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon, something that really bothers SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan.

In a recent interview with WWE.com, Daniel Bryan admitted that his dream match was against Brock Lesnar and he wished he could have stepped into the ring with Lesnar to face him instead of the possibility of Shane McMahon doing so. With this week’s huge promo between Bryan and The Miz, Daniel might really be getting the itch to step back into the ring.

When talking about this dream match with Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan said that he was actually working on a new in-ring style that he thought could have realistically allowed him to compete with Lesnar in the ring.

Bryan said that this new style could have worked since Brock fought like a bully and his new style could have challenged Lesnar in the ring. Daniel called this the “ultimate underdog match” and said it had always been his ultimate dream.

In an interview from 2015, The Independent reported that Daniel Bryan was wanting this match when he first returned from his fist neck surgery. Instead, Bryan wrestled for, and won, the Intercontinental title and then he injured himself again and had to retire.

“If I win the Royal Rumble I would really love to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, I think it would be an incredible match and an incredible story, a true David vs. Goliath type story that the fans would really get behind. Also, I’ve always wanted to wrestle Brock because I think our styles would mesh in a way that would make it one of the best matches in WWE history, and creatively that would be very fulfilling for me.”

This is sad because there is little-to-no chance that Daniel Bryan will ever step into the ring and wrestle again. However, the WWE has still not shut the door on the return. Forbes recently reported that the WWE might still consider a return for Daniel if he can pass the concussion protocols.

The idea right now is for different wrestlers to provoke Bryan, especially since Daniel has made public comments about not wanting to really retire and still having the itch to wrestle. However, no one else could possibly have the effect that The Miz did because, honestly, The Miz only spoke the truth and came out looking better than Daniel Bryan by the end of the confrontation.

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It will also be interesting to see how the WWE books The Miz after this career-changing promo with Daniel Bryan, arguably the best of any WWE superstar in a long time. The Miz was allowed to really cut loose and it seemed more realistic than most memorized in-ring promos.

Forbes also said that more and more wrestlers will taunt Daniel Bryan for being forced to retire and that the WWE plans more angles and promos that reflect real life in the near future, mostly due to the fan reaction to The Miz and Daniel Bryan promo on Talking Smack.

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