WWE News: Jim Ross Doesn’t See Kevin Owens Winning Universal Title

Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw there will be a new WWE Universal Champion crowned in a four-way match for the title. The match features former champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as well as Kevin Owens and Big Cass. In his latest blog on Monday, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross said that he believes that the WWE should book Seth Rollins to win the Universal Championship in this match.

In the blog, he described his feelings about the big match tonight. First, he said that he was not against Kevin Owens winning the title and it wouldn’t bother him at all. However, he said he wasn’t counting on it. He also said that Big Cass will be made to look strong but isn’t ready. Finally, Ross said that he prefers Roman Reigns in the U.S. title scene with Rusev, which leaves Seth Rollins as his unsaid pick.

Kevin Owens has already gone to Twitter and said that he is winning the match tonight. Owens thoughts were pretty clear and he and Seth Rollins had a fun interaction on Twitter where Rollins offered to put the “chump” Owens in his place and Kevin responded that Rollins misspelled “champ.” He then had a great tweet over the match itself.

“Tonight I teach a 7-foot tall monster that height is irrelevant. I show an architect that his vision is all wrong. I destroy an empire. #RAW”


When it comes to the match, the clear favorite for the WWE Universal title has to be Seth Rollins. He is one of the top heels in the WWE and was involved in the title match with Finn Balor, who will be out until 2017 with his torn labrum. As for Roman Reigns, he could be a huge favorite except that the WWE might still be leery about his push with the negative fan reaction and the recent failed drug test.

When it comes to Kevin Owens, there is a huge groundswell to see what he could do with a major title. Kevin is one of the best talkers in the WWE right now, puts on entertaining matches on a consistent basis, and Kevin is a perfect heel in an era where so many people are just average. That leaves Big Cass, who is still green and is nowhere ready for a singles title push, much less for the biggest title on WWE Monday Night Raw.

The Universal title match is a huge change of plans for the WWE, as they expected Finn Balor to hold the title for a while longer as he built himself as a huge face for the brand. Interestingly, one of the upcoming PPV matches involving WWE Monday Night Raw was supposed to see Finn Balor defending his title in a three-way match against Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, so there is a chance that Owens could really be a favorite when fighting for the title.

A Kevin Owens title reign might also be a good way to bring fans around to the new championship. The fans booed the new title design and many were already complaining about two world titles again. Daniel Bryan was already making fun of the title on Smackdown and Kevin Owens as the champion might win some fans over.

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The WWE has to be looking for a consistent performer to hold their biggest title after names like Finn Balor and Seth Rollins both had to relinquish their titles due to injuries over the last year. Kevin Owens might be that man. WWE Monday Night Raw airs at 8 p.m. EST on the USA Network.

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