‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Finale Week Brings Breakups, Drama, And Multiple Engagements In Season 3

It is time for the Season 3 finale of Bachelor in Paradise and spoilers tease that there are crazy moments ahead. The two-night finale airs on Monday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 6 and there are numerous splits yet to take place before the final couples emerge. Earlier teasers have revealed that there will be multiple engagements playing out and fans cannot wait to see which pairs manage to stick together.

According to TV Guide, during Monday’s show, one new lady will be disappointed to learn that she doesn’t have any viable options with the guys, and another lady is left feeling heartbroken by a guy who doesn’t show much of an interest in her. She decides to leave and try to win back an earlier beau, and viewers will see another guy choose to leave on his own at the rose ceremony. This means that three ladies will be left without roses, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that another pair calls it quits as well. Which teases refer to which contestants?


Gossip guru “Reality Steve” has been breaking down all of the Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Season 3, and it does look like his teasers and the network ones sync up well. Shushanna will leave on her own after finding nobody who interests her, and Izzy is apparently the lady who leaves and angles to win back Vinny. Brett decides to head home rather than hand out a rose, and when all is said and done after this next ceremony, Tiara, Lauren, and Jami will be left without roses.

This means that six pairs remain heading into Tuesday’s finale episode and as has been done in previous seasons, each of the couples will need to decide whether to stay together and do an overnight date or split. Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Ashley will be single once again when Wells decides to break things off rather than do an overnight, and all signs point toward them remaining apart after they got back to their everyday lives.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicates that the other five couples all go ahead with the overnight dates. However, Reality Steve’s teasers detail that Nick and Jen will split before heading home. Interestingly, the previews appear to indicate that they get all the way to the point of him standing with a ring, perhaps ready to propose, to her, but the pair ultimately decides that they can’t take that step, and they tearfully break up.


Nick and Jen’s split was said to be fairly amicable, and the duo reportedly dabbled in trying the long-distance thing once they got home. However, considering the fact that he will be handing out roses with a season of his own this winter, the relationship clearly did not last, and many fans will be curious to see what, if anything, she has to say about how this all played out.

TV Guide teases that during this last episode, one guy will be panicked and leaves one lady devastated while another tender gal is concerned that her reserved guy doesn’t have strong feelings for her. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicates that a supposed Southern gentleman will introduce his love interest to his mom, and his mom urges him to take his time with this one. That last tease is most definitely related to Josh and Amanda, but Reality Steve indicates that he moves full-speed ahead with this relationship.


By the time the finale is over on Tuesday night, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that viewers will see three successful proposals. Josh and Amanda get engaged, as do Carly and Evan along with Grant and Lace. Reality Steve says that all three couples remain together at this point, and all of them are said to be making plans for the future. Will any or all of these duos end up walking down the aisle eventually? Viewers are definitely buzzing over their pairings and cannot wait to see which, if any of them, can stick together.

Tune into the Season 3 finale episodes airing on Monday and Tuesday nights to see how the drama unfolds. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that things will be juicy and chaotic, and fans are anxious to see how things wrap up this time around.

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