‘Uncontrollably Fond’ Actor Kim Woo Bin Denies K-Drama Rivalry Between Lee Jong Suk Of ‘W — Two Worlds’: Are They Secretly Enemies?

Uncontrollably Fond actor Kim Woo Bin recently had to deny a rivalry between him and his fellow K-drama actor Lee Jong Suk. He discussed the rumored rivalry in an interview with Elle Korea, as reported by Movie News Guide.

“In a way, you might think we get envious of one another since we work in the same field, but it’s not like that at all,” Woo Bin said. “I go to them when I receive new scenarios and ask them to monitor it for me. I also share my worries with them.”

He added that he and a lot of the other Korean drama actors have a pretty close bond and often hang out with each other.

“There is a big dining table at In Sung hyung’s house. That’s our hangout spot and we drink teas and chat. I call any of the hyungs when I have time,” the actor added.

Kim Woo Bin also insisted that he gets along well with actor and singer Lee Min Ho, the boyfriend of Uncontrollably Fond’s Suzy Bae. Suzy Bae and Kim Woo Bin are co-stars on the show. According to Movie News Guide, there have been rumors that Kim was having an affair with Suzy Bae and jeopardizing her relationship with her boyfriend. But both actors have been denying this for ages, Movie News Guide reports.


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According to Soompi, rumors of a rivalry between the South Korean drama actors started swirling when Uncontrollably Fond premiered. The show shares a time slot with Lee Jong Suk’s W — Two Worlds. But at a press conference designed to promote Uncontrollably Fond, Kim Woo Bin distanced himself from any rumors that he and Jong Suk are enemies.

“Even this morning, I texted Lee Jong Suk that I was coming to a press conference and that I was nervous. [Lee Jong Suk] was hard at work on set. Jong Suk says everyone on the ‘W’ set is all about ‘Uncontrollably Fond.'” Kim Woo Bin said. “It’s an honor to [compete] with a friend, and it’s not every day that this happens, so we’re supporting each other.”

At the press conference, he also shared that Lee Min Ho supported Uncontrollably Fond from the get-go.

“I’m also close with Lee Min Ho, and he contacts me to cheer me on as well,” he said, according to Soompi.

Soompi reports Lee Jong Suk said pretty much the same thing at a press conference to promote his Korean drama series, W. There’s no rivalry between him and Kim Woo Bin.

“We are known to be best friends and we happen to star in dramas that air at the same time. Before being cast in ‘W,’ Kim Woo Bin asked me to make a cameo on ‘Uncontrollably Fond,'” Jong Suk said. “But I couldn’t because of the overlapping air time. We maintain a symbiotic relationship. Rather then competing, we’re cheering each other on and wanting to have dinner together some time.”

[Photos by Chung Sung-Jun & Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]