‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From August 31 Episode, ‘BB18’ House Plays Veto, Sets Final Eviction Target

This August 31 Big Brother 18 recap comes from the Wednesday night episode. The BB18 house had previously named Nicole Franzel the new Head of Household and placed two nominees on the block. The primary focus of the new episode was how the Veto results would play out, possibly leading to new alliances forming during Week 10. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Wednesday, August 31, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nicole Franzel took over as the HOH after making a deal with James Huling for him to quit the HOH competition. Nicole promised safety for James and Natalie Negrotti, but she also decided to start working with Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo. Corey Brooks and Nicole worked out a deal that would have Paul serve as a pawn in the nominations, while Michelle Meyer became the primary target.

As with most episodes, the August 31 Big Brother 18 recap begins with the “previously on Big Brother” segment. Production gave viewers footage all the way back to before the last Head of Household competition, revealing conversations between most of the houseguests. It set the stage for how the alliances were going to shake out among the final seven houseguests, predictably splitting up the BB18 house again.

The episode then covered what took place following the nomination ceremony, where Paul Abrahamian and Michelle Meyer reacted to being on the block. This is where many Big Brother 18 spoilers came out on the CBS live feeds, but finally got revealed to the television viewers on Wednesday night. The plan was in place to make sure that Michelle didn’t win the Power of Veto. If Paul were to win the Veto, Nicole told him to just take himself down. Likewise, she told Victor Arroyo to take down Paul to guarantee that the plan could move forward.

At the Veto ceremony, Nicole picked Victor to play, Paul picked Corey Brooks to play, and Michelle picked James Huling to play. That meant that Natalie Negrotti would be serving as the host of the Week 10 Veto competition. Before the footage of the competition was shown, a meeting took place in the Head of Household room, where Nicole explained how everything might play out. Nicole, Corey, Paul, and Victor took part in the meeting, where Nicole urged them to win and not force her to show “all of her cards” yet.

The August 31 Big Brother 18 recap continues after a long commercial break by CBS. The Veto competition was a familiar counting challenge, with objects in the backyard serving as the source of those numbers. The BB18 backyard was decked out in Christmas decorations, using that as the theme for the counting challenge. Nicole Franzel ended up winning the Veto, keeping all the power in her hands for the rest of the week. This was exactly what she needed to happen to progress with the plan she had initiated.

During the episode, the two Have Nots for the week were also revealed. As the first two houseguests (of the final seven) to be eliminated from the HOH competition, Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian were put on slop for the week. The producers have rarely shown footage of the Have Nots getting selected this season, but they saved time to do it on Wednesday evening. It was intriguing to see that footage again, as many viewers miss that component of the show, especially when producers allowed the fans to vote on silly foods for them to eat over the weeks.

Following the Veto competition, a Diary Room session was shown for Michelle Meyer, who stated that she had all week to make sure that Paul Abrahamian was the main target for eviction. Additional footage was shown, though, where Nicole and Corey discussed with Paul and Victor how the votes would work, without ever consulting James or Natalie. It was very clear that the two sides of the BB18 house weren’t working together at this point, even though there wasn’t any evidence of them working against each other either.

At the Veto ceremony, Nicole Franzel declined to use the Veto, deciding it was best for her personal game to keep the nominations the same. Corey Brooks did not use the Care Package by the end of the August 31 episode either, meaning his $5,000 to bribe another houseguest is still in play. That brings an end to this particular Big Brother 18 recap, with a possible conclusion that not a lot actually happened during the Wednesday night episode. Nearly everything remained the same, including the key alliances of three duos still running the BB18 house.

For fans interested in reading about some additional drama that has taken place during Week 10, there is a lot of footage that hasn’t been shown to CBS viewers just yet. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Big Brother 18 spoilers about the two remaining showmances being in trouble have also come to light.

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