‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Newest ‘BB18’ Live Feed Update Includes Veto Results, Both Showmances Possibly Ending

Big Brother 18 spoilers have held the attention of live feed viewers very well this week. The BB18 house has been full of drama, even though some of it has been subtle in its presentation. This has all led to more Big Brother 18 spoilers than usual, with what could be an exciting eviction ceremony coming up on Thursday night (September 1). But first, it’s time for a brief recap of where the houseguests are at, with some help from a report at fan site Joker’s Updates.

Nicole Franzel won the most recent Head of Household competition, but she didn’t win it without a little help from James Huling. During this season’s version of the Wall competition, it was down to just Nicole and James, until James offered to throw it so that Nicole could get a letter from her mother. Nicole then promised safety for James and Natalie Negrotti, but she would later tell showmance partner Corey Brooks that she regretted the decision.

Fast forward to the next important installment of Big Brother 18 spoilers, where Nicole won the Veto competition and then had a difficult decision to make at the Veto ceremony. Nicole had nominated Michelle Meyer and Paul Abrahamian for eviction, so she had to decide whether it was best to keep the nominations the same or save one of the nominees. At the Veto ceremony, Nicole decided to keep everything the same, even with a lot of doubts plaguing her.

This is where things may start to get very interesting in the BB18 house. The showmance between Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks could be doomed if comments that Corey made to Victor Arroyo are to be believed. While in the backyard, Corey stated that he would not be leaving the game in a relationship, which isn’t how he is portraying his showmance when he is around Nicole. It has been clear to live feed viewers for a while now that Corey is using Nicole as a shield to advance his game. Outside of that, he has mostly floated through the summer.

A report from Joker’s Updates early on Wednesday morning (August 31) also suggests that the showmance between James Huling and Natalie Negrotti may have hit a snag. Natalie says that she is starting to worry about what people outside of the BB18 house think about her, while James now feels that Natalie just wants to be friends and doesn’t want to hurt him by saying it out loud. When the duo finally went to bed for the night, it was on opposite sides of the bed, with no more cuddling taking place. Is this the end of Jatalie?

These particular Big Brother 18 spoilers could be revisited soon, especially if Victor decides that it would help him to let Nicole in on the secret. While it doesn’t seem like something that Victor would do, if he told his partner (Paul Abrahamian) about the conversation with Corey, it is almost certain that Paul would use it to advance himself in the game. That’s not all that has been happening in the BB18 house, though, as Michelle Meyer is still in the dark about the upcoming plans for eviction night.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nicole Franzel has put a plan in motion, which oddly has included not discussing the game with Michelle any longer. In a week where Nicole could be working to unanimously evict Michelle from the house, she has instead left Michelle completely out of the loop. That’s not a good way to treat someone who is about to become a voting member of the BB18 jury. Or maybe it is all strategy to turn against Paul Abrahamian at the last moment on Thursday night.

Plans were also in place to use the Care Package, but Corey Brooks still hasn’t pulled the trigger on it. His lack of understanding how it works has delayed the entire process, but it could wind up being used to affect the upcoming vote or HOH competition. A quick summary of the other Big Brother 18 spoilers is that Nicole is working with both duos, Michelle Meyer is the target for eviction, and Nicole may be forced to vote as the tie-breaker on eviction night.

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