‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Late Night ‘BB18’ House Action Suggests Eviction Shocker

Big Brother 18 spoilers continued to come out of the house Monday evening (August 29). The BB18 house has been reacting to what took place at the Veto ceremony, where the power to change one of the two nominees was center stage. A report from Joker’s Updates that came from the live feeds early on Tuesday morning (August 30) also suggests that the upcoming “live” episode could provide an eviction shocker to one houseguest.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a lot has happened in the game over the last few days, including the revelation of the newest Care Package. Nicole Franzel won the HOH endurance competition, but then also won the Power of Veto as well. This kept the power in her hands, with the opportunity to shift her own nominations. Nicole decided to keep everything the same, meaning the BB18 house will vote on whether to send Paul Abrahamian or Michelle Meyer to the jury on Thursday night (September 1).

This is where it gets very interesting, as the two sides of the house aren’t really talking “game” at this point. Most Big Brother 18 spoilers that have come out since the endurance competition have focused on one side of the house or the other, with very few conversations taking place between the two. On one side are James Huling, Natalie Negrotti, and Michelle Meyer. On the other side of the equation, there is Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo, Corey Brooks, and Nicole Franzel.

As it currently stands, James and Natalie believe that they are still working with Nicole and Corey and that it doesn’t need to be mentioned out loud that Paul is the main target. Meanwhile, on the other side of the BB18 house, Nicole, Corey, Paul, and Victor are conspiring to get Michelle evicted. Natalie is so sure that Michelle is staying in the game that they are prepping for Michelle to win HOH and then work to evict Victor next week. It hasn’t even been seriously considered that Michelle might be going to the jury first.

Nicole Franzel is trying very hard to succeed with a strategy of keeping an alliance with each of the power duos left in the house. Previous Big Brother 18 spoilers have stated that Nicole wants to work with Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo, but to also keep her word that she would protect Natalie Negrotti and James Huling while she was Head of Household. That strategy makes a lot of sense for her personal game, but what doesn’t make a lot of sense, is to keep Michelle in the dark about getting evicted on Thursday night.

Counting the current votes in the BB18 house, there isn’t a scenario where Michelle Meyer can survive the eviction vote unless Nicole wants it to happen. If Victor and Corey vote to evict Michelle and James and Natalie vote to evict Paul, then the tie has to be broken by the HOH. It means Nicole would present an eviction shocker to Michelle on “live” television. It might be a bad idea to anger someone who is about to become a key member of the BB18 jury, especially when the maneuver is not needed. Telling Michelle she is the target won’t change the vote.

There are just 23 days left in the game, meaning the September 21 season finale is really sneaking up on the houseguests. There is a lot of time for the voting to shift, but it currently looks like Michelle Meyer will become the (new) fifth member of the BB18 jury. That would leave three duos as the final six houseguests, all with an eye on the $500,000 prize awaiting them. September is going to hold a lot of intriguing Big Brother 18 spoilers for the fans, beginning with who wins the next HOH competition on Thursday night.

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