‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From August 28 Episode, ‘BB18’ House Reveals New HOH, Returning Juror, Care Package Winner

This August 28 Big Brother 18 recap comes from the Sunday night episode. The BB18 house needed to play out the latest Head of Household competition and reveal its nominations for eviction. That meant the hour would be packed with some drama, which would also include a member of the BB18 jury getting a chance to re-enter the game. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Sunday, August 28, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

At the end of the August 25 episode, Victor Arroyo got evicted by a 2-1 vote, with James Huling controlling that deciding vote. Victor had thought that James was going to save him and vote against Corey Brooks, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. During Victor’s one-on-one meeting with host Julie Chen, he was told about how the first five BB18 jury members were going to compete for another chance this summer.

Back to the August 28 Big Brother 18 recap, as the “previously on Big Brother” segment covered what took place leading up to last Thursday’s episode. The original four BB18 jury members were told they would get a chance to compete for re-entry into the game, the final six remaining houseguests learned about the returner, and the latest HOH competition began. The way it would work was that the five jury members would be competing at the same time. The last jury member to survive would get back in the house, while the final person overall would win the HOH power.

That wasn’t all the past footage that got shown, though, as a huge kitchen fight was shown, where Paul Abrahamian went after James Huling and some of his past moves in the BB18 house. Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks were shown in the other room, getting very nervous that Corey was going to be evicted. Nicole talked in a Diary Room session about how much she wanted to win the safety, especially since she believed that James and Natalie almost voted to evict Corey over Victor.

Then it was time to reveal how the HOH competition played out, showcasing what had been considered some major Big Brother 18 spoilers over the weekend. Da’Vonne Rogers and Zakiyah Everette basically quit shortly after the competition began, choosing to just jump off together, ending their time on the show this summer. They lasted only 17 minutes. Corey Brooks was the next to go, lasting only about 25 minutes total. It was a representation of most challenges Corey has been in this season.

After about 33 minutes of the HOH competition, Bridgette Dunning lost her grip, leaving just Paulie Calafiore and Victor Arroyo battling to return from the BB18 jury. With Michelle Meyer and Natalie Negrotti sitting it out, the only other three houseguests competing were James Huling, Nicole Franzel, and Paul Abrahamian. That meant only five people were left coming for the HOH as well.

The next person to fall was Paulie, as he only lasted about 44 minutes total. This meant that Victor had won the jury portion of the competition, giving him the chance to re-join the BB18 house. Paulie was officially done. Victor then dropped out at about the 50-minute mark. That left just Paul, James, and Nicole battling for the HOH power.

Paul lasted about 95 minutes in the competition, noting in a Diary Room session later that he just didn’t want James Huling to win it. It was at that point that James and Nicole Franzel began discussing potential deals. There are some noteworthy Big Brother 18 spoilers from the competition, as Nicole spent quite a while stating that she “is a woman of her word” and that the only reason she wanted to win was to get a letter from her mom.

After debating for a while about whether he should win the competition or let Nicole win it, James decided that he would take Nicole at her word and accept the offer of safety. Nicole promised safety for James and Natalie Negrotti and then dropped off the wall. Nicole won the Head of Household at the 124-minute mark, basically guaranteeing herself and Corey Brooks safety through the next eviction ceremony.

The immediate Diary Room session (following the competition) had Nicole Franzel already regretting protecting James and Natalie. While discussing it with Corey Brooks, she decided that her main target for eviction was going to be Michelle Meyer. Nicole also spoke with Paul Abrahamian, telling him that he was definitely going to be safe for the week. He wanted to also make sure that Victor Arroyo was going to avoid the block this week.

Meanwhile, in the BB18 house, Natalie was very frustrated that James had quit during the HOH competition because it meant she might be at risk of being nominated. James continued to be calm and collected about the situation, possibly feeling that Nicole would not target them, but that just got Natalie even more amped up about the situation. She feared that due to James throwing the competition that she could go home.

A large chunk of the August 28 Big Brother 18 episode dealt with how Nicole Franzel was having trouble deciding who she wanted to team up with for a final four alliance. She wanted to work with Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo, but she also wanted to keep her word with James Huling and Natalie Negrotti. That left Michelle Meyer as an obvious target, as it would keep Nicole from having to actually make a difficult decision heading into the Week 10 nominations.

For the latest Care Package, America voted for Corey Brooks to receive it (over Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo). No houseguest was allowed to win it twice, meaning Nicole Franzel, James Huling, Natalie Negrotti, and Michelle Meyer weren’t eligible this time. Inside the package was a bribery card, stating that Corey could bribe anyone with $5,000 to do any one thing that he wanted them to do this week. Examples would be bribing someone to not use the Veto or bribing someone to vote in a certain way at the eviction ceremony.

At the nomination ceremony, Nicole Franzel put Michelle Meyer and Paul Abrahamian on the block. Paul agreed to go on the block as a pawn, which happened right before the nominations became official. Those became the two houseguests with the most on the line when it came to the Week 10 Veto competition. That brings an end to this August 28 Big Brother 18 recap and sets the stage for what will be a very exciting and drama-packed week in the BB18 house.

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