‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Actor Johnny Lewis Allegedly Spent Time At Scientology Rehab

Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis allegedly spent time at a Scientology drug rehabilitation facility before his bizarre death. The parents of the troubled young man accused of killing his landlady before falling to his death, reportedly had “deep ties” to Scientology and had tried multiple times to get him back into treatment, according to the New York Daily News.

Lewis reportedly went to a drug treatment facility connected with the controversial church. In 2004, the Sons of Anarchy actor participated in the Narconon program and even spoke publicly about the rehab method. A photo of Johnny at a Nacronon event was published on the program’s website until late Thursday night, TMZ reports.

Lewis’ father co-wrote a movie with Church of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, according to IMDB facts republished by the New York Daily News. Micheal Lewis appeared in a video lecture series promoting Hubbard’s teachings about how to get through a crisis.

As previously reported on Inquisitr, a former drug addict is currently suing the Pur Detox Scientology-based clinic for negligent supervision and malpractice. William Sweeney claims the staffers tried to wean him off drugs too quickly and did not supervise him properly after engaging in visualization exercises on a balcony. While detoxing at the California rehab facility, he jumped off a third-story balcony and suffered significant injuries. A different clinic which also utilizes L. Ron Hubbard’s methods is also being blamed for the death of three patients who allegedly spent five hours per day in a sauna.

After spending two seasons on the popular FX series playing Kip “Half Sack” Epps, the actor’s life allegedly began to unravel. During the past 10 months he reportedly struggled with both mental health and drug issues. Police officers are investigating the possibility that Johnny Lewis was stoned on “Smiles,” a popular new synthetic drug.. The Sons of Anarchy actor’s exact cause of death will not be determined until after the Los Angeles county coroner’s office receives toxicology results.