Ashley Iaconetti Sets The Record Straight On Jared Haibon, Hanson, And Why She Didn’t Melt Down Over Wells And Jami’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Date

Ashley Iaconetti had a lot to say about her latest antics on Bachelor in Paradise. The brunette beauty, known as Ashley I. on the ABC reality show, took to Twitter to break down this week’s episode, which had her chasing her nemesis, Caila Quinn, right out of Paradise and committing an even bigger faux pas: Naming ’90s pop trio, Hanson, as her favorite musical group.

While much of this season’s Paradise has focused on Iaconetti’s one-sided love affair with Jared Haibon, an obsession that started last summer on The Bachelor spinoff, reality show, she now says she is completely over him. Still, there’s no denying that Ashley’s “chat” with Jared’s BIP main squeeze, Caila Quinn, sent her nemesis packing. Caila said she couldn’t “take” Paradise with Ashley watching her every move.

After the episode aired, Iaconetti explained that she is over Jared and was just trying to protect him from getting hurt.

“Holy s**t people. At this point, I was solely protecting him. You have no idea what was happening,” Iaconetti tweeted.

Indeed, Iaconetti had long been worried that Caila didn’t like Jared as much as he liked her, and apparently she wasn’t the only BIP cast member who shared that concern.

Incidentally, Ashley Iaconetti was apparently over Jared even before Paradise filming started. According to Wetpaint, Ashley filmed the reality show Millionaire Matchmaker two months before she caused a storm on Bachelor in Paradise, so she was looking for new guy way before she ever showed up on BIP. In fact, Matchmaker star Patti Stanger says Iaconetti came into the show saying she didn’t want to talk about Jared, period. Stanger even blames Haibon for Ashley’s difficulty in moving on.

“What you don’t see in Paradise is that he’s blowing her phone up,” Patti revealed.

“The minute she called him she was like, ‘You can’t call me, we can’t be friends, you need to give me some time to heal.’ Then he blew her phone up. Every time we were getting close to a scene that she was with a guy, getting close to the guy or kissing, it was like he would feel the switch go off, it was the strangest thing.”

Fans did see Ashley move on from Jared to newcomer, Wells Adams, this week. They went on a dinner date (Ashley actually ate food—a BIP first, with the exception of Josh Murray’s noisy pizza noshing), and they talked music. Fun fact: Adams is a Talking Heads fan, while Iaconetti likes… Hanson?

But BIP producers clearly wanted to stir things up (and maybe drum up more Ashley tears), because they “conveniently” had Wells staged as the lone single guy in the area when new girl Jami Letain later showed up with a date card in tow. Iaconetti pointed out the obvious producers’ set-up with Wells as the only single guy around when Jami appeared with her date card.

While Ashley I. slept through Wells and Jami’s dreamy waterfall date, she revealed that once she did find out about it, she didn’t flip out because she felt “confident” in her connection with the Nashville DJ. And she had better, because next week’s promos show him hooking up with yet a third woman.

As for Hanson, Ashley may have declared her love for the group during her own date with Wells, but she says haters are living in the past and should know that there’s more to the Hanson brothers than their 1997 hit “MmmBop.”

Take a look at the video below to see Ashley Iaconetti praying for a miracle on Bachelor in Paradise.

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