Beard Beer: Man Uses Facial Hair Yeast To Brew Tasty Beverage

An Oregon brewery is offering its customers something they’ve probably never considered trying before: beard beer. While I’d love to say that it’s not nearly as gross as it sounds, the story only gets worse from here. Should the idea of drinking a beer that was created using yeast from some hairy guy’s bushy beard send waves of nausea coursing through you’re body, treading with extreme caution is suggested.

According to CNN, Rogue Ales Brewery, known for such tasty brews as “Dead Guy Ale,” has developed what can only be described as “beard beer.” The questionable beverage is developed using yeast pulled from company president Brett Joyce’s rarely-trimmed facial hair.

“We had our lab guy take a couple of swabs, by putting a Q-Tip in here, or taking a clip off. I don’t know what I thought about it. I said, whatever, you know,” Joyce explained. “I don’t know why, yeast is everywhere. You’re really not drinking the beard you’re drinking a great beer that happens to have a yeast in it that comes from a beard.”

After digging around inside Brett Joyce’s beard for a yeast cell, the lab guys finally managed to get their swabs on a yeast cell. After putting the cell through the fermentation process, the aptly-named “beard beer” was born.

According to Tampa Bay’s 10 News, it’s been quite a while since the scruffy Rogue Ales Brewery president has trimmed his now-famous beard. “Thirty-four years. I never shaved it. 1978… Is that 34 years?” he said. “Hey, why not look for a different place that might have some magic yeast in it.”

Since selling something called “beard beer” probably wouldn’t prompt most consumers to give the beverage a shot, the company has decided to call the brew “New Crustacean.” I’m honestly not sure if that’s better or worse than “beard beer.” According to L.A. Weekly, the beer will hit retail shelves sometime next year.

Are you brave enough to try this so-called “beard beer?”