Kate Upton Could Be Ditching The Swimsuit For High-End Modeling

Kate Upton is known for her swimsuit modeling, but a new appearance in a French fashion magazine could signal a turn into the world of high-end modeling for the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover.

As The Huffington Post noted, Upton’s appearance in the highbrow French fashion glossy Jalouse points to quite a change for the 20-year-old.

As The Huffington Post wrote:

“Inside, however, Kate goes full-on couture cool for Alexei Hay’s camera, suiting up in thick wool Prada coats, Burberry hats with neck drapings, bicep-length gloves and (gasp!) tights. The whole thing reminds us of Upton’s recent Vogue shoot: all bulky plaids and swimsuit-free.”

Kate Upton Could Be Ditching Bikini For High-End Modeling

Kate Upton‘s jaunt into high-end fashion started when she was on the cover of CR Fashion Book, a new magazine from former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfield.

In the issue of Jalouse, Upton talked about the difference between modeling for the fashion world and swimsuit modeling, Gossip Center noted.

“It’s funny, fashion shoots do not resemble at all swimwear shoots,” she said. “Pose, I can do, but customer expectations are not the same. Everyone acts differently on the set. The bikini photos are for any American home. Fashion is for a unique group.”

Fashion modeling is also a bit more difficult, she noted, where it takes more than a pretty face to be successful.

“The world of fashion is a clique,” Kate Upton said. “What matters is not to be pretty, but different, to reunite all the characteristics of perfection, but in a staggered manner. This is what they want.”