Kim Kardashian Flaunts 70-Lb Weight Loss In Sheer Frock: Get The Skinny On Her Low Carb Diet

Reality TV star, fashion diva, and celebrity weight loss winner Kim Kardashian succeeded in stopping the red carpet traffic at the MTV Video Music Awards 2016. The 35-year-old mom of two has been sharing her weight loss success with her fans, and she used the Video Music Awards as an opportunity to demonstrate her pride. After shedding 70 pounds following the birth of her son Saint in December, Kardashian chose a nearly sheer mini dress to display her 120-pound still-curvy figure, reported Us Weekly.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star sizzled at Madison Square Garden by complementing her low-cut frock with gold jewelry and sexy shoes. Flaunting her 26-inch waistline, Kim channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe in going for tousled wavy hair and sultry eye makeup and pouting lips. Her husband Kanye West stood up to the test by sporting an equally sleek ensemble.

As to how Kardashian achieved that stunning transformation in just eight months, she credits a low-carb diet, using the Atkins 40 plan, along with working out with a personal trainer and a non-surgical tummy tuck. And for those who think she made her weight loss look easy, Kim has a message.

“It isn’t easy to just bounce back,” wrote Kardashian on her app. “I was so jealous of women who had these cute little baby bellies and would gain 25 pounds — and then, a few weeks after giving birth, somehow look exactly like they did before they were pregnant … That’s not me.”

Because she found it so challenging to restore her pre-baby body, Kim is sharing all the details on social media, even cheering for herself when she discovered that her neck was slimmer.

“My neck even lost weight!”

But when it comes to the details on her weight loss, Kardashian has come up with a variety of ways to battle the bulge and win. And her number one trick is to turn to the Atkins low carb diet, according to In Style.

For those hoping for a secret weapon, Kardashian has a reality check: There’s no magic bean.

“There really is no secret—you just have to stay dedicated,” revealed candid Kim.

Her experience with the Atkins low-carb diet dates back to her high school days, when her father Robert Kardashian teamed up with her to try the food plan. Since then, it’s become her tried and true weight loss program.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West stunned at the VMAs.
attends the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on August 28, 2016 in New York City.

Kim admits that shedding her post-pregnancy weight loss the first time around wasn’t easy. But she persisted and recognized that a low carb lifestyle is her key to success.

“First baby, [it] was really hard for me to do it afterwards,” she confessed.

“You just really train yourself to eat like that as a lifestyle—just lower carbs works for me.”

Protein plays an important role in Kardashian’s diet, and she points out that it’s dedication rather than complicated math that is the essential element.

“Once you kind of just start training yourself it’s not really rocket science. It’s just dedication. If you eat protein versus French fries,” she clarified.

Kim Kardashian sizzles in a sheer mini dress that flaunts her weight loss and fabulous figure.
Kim Kardashian sizzles in a sheer mini dress that flaunts her weight loss and fabulous figure. [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

Kim gradually learned how to incorporate the low-carb diet guidelines into her meals, and now she feels she has it mastered.

“It seems like common sense to me now ’cause I just eat such a healthier lifestyle, so it doesn’t seem like the biggest mystery,” added Kardashian. “I get up everyday, I work out—that’s just half the battle. I mean, I think it’s a little bit more what you eat, then work out, but you have to really stay focused.”

For those who want more specifics, Kim’s nutritionist Colette Heimowitz shared the skinny with Elle.

Colette clarified that the Atkins diet consists of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates that are high in fiber. Kim’s daily calorie maximum is 1,800.

“You’re eating adequate protein, you’re eating healthy fats, and high-fiber carbohydrates, and some fruits and nuts, and a wide variety of protein.”

Kim doesn’t eat more than 1,800 calories a day, and it doesn’t have to be boring. Protein options can include everything from fish to eggs to meat, while dairy such as cheese and Greek yogurt is allowed. Examples of healthy fats include avocado and nuts, while high fiber carbohydrates include vegetables, selected fruit such as berries, and limited starches, explained the nutrition expert.

“She can add a side of brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, or baked potato. Because as you get to your weight loss goals, you can add a little bit more carbohydrate because you don’t have as much weight to lose,” noted Colette.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]