Another Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal

Is Anthony Weiner sexting again? Apparently so, as he has been caught sending yet another revealing pic of himself to a woman other than his wife.

The disgraced former congressman, who is still married to senior Hillary Clinton aid Huma Abedin, sexted a picture of himself lying in bed shirtless in boxer shorts with his 4-year-old son Jordan at his side. That last fact seems to be the most shocking part of this story. The news was broken by the New York Post, which did not identify the recipient of the picture of Weiner’s wiener except to say that she is a “busty brunette” 40-something divorcee.

It feels like that movie Groundhog Day which starred Bill Murray. That is the film where a man experiences the same day over and over again. Every morning when he wakes up, he is the only person in the world who knows that time has gone back 24 hours.

But with Anthony Weiner sexting, instead of repeating his mistakes every day, the former congressman seems to get caught doing the same thing again every few years. Which leaves people wondering if Weiner actually engages in sexting more frequently, and these are just the times in which he gets caught.

According to the Post, Weiner sent the pic while sexting the woman on July 31, 2015 at 3 a.m. He apparently had been engaged in a text flirtation with her since the previous January. Upon seeing his “package,” the woman said that she responded by saying, “You do realize you can see you[r] Weiner in that pic??”

The 51-year-old Weiner confessed to the Post that he and the woman have indeed been friends for some time, or should we say sexting for some time? Anthony also told the NY Post that, “she has asked me not to comment except to say that our conversations were private, often included pictures of her nieces and nephews and my son and were always appropriate.”

In addition, he said that the two have never actually met, but Anthony did admit that he had invited her to come and visit him.

Just be warned, the following part of the story may be shocking to some people. Anthony Weiner was apparently discussing the massage parlors in his old neighborhood when he sent the text, or sext. The picture was sent because Anthony thought that it was funny that his son jumped into the bed with him while he was sexually aroused and engaged in what some might feel is inappropriate behavior with a woman other than his wife.

This all comes just a week after Anthony Weiner accused the NY Post of attempting to set him up by having a male college kid text him pretending to be a young woman.

It all sounds just like what led Wiener to resign from the Congress back in 2011, and what torpedoed his campaign when he ran for mayor of New York in 2013. The first time that Weiner was caught sexting someone, a lot of people wondered how a man approaching 50 with a promising political career could have been so stupid as to send suggestive pictures of himself to strange women like that.

When it came out in 2013 that Anthony Weiner was still sexting women, pretty much everyone online and on the cable news channels commented that they had no idea what could possibly be wrong with the man.

Anthony Weiner (C) speaks to members of the media with his son, Jordan Weiner, after voting in the Democratic primary on September 10, 2013 . (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

And now it has happened a third time. So will three times not be a charm for Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin? Will she leave him over the continued sexting to other women? If so, she may choose to wait until after the 2016 Presidential elections have finished because of her job.

Hillary Clinton supporters are probably wondering right now how the latest Anthony Weiner sexting scandal will affect her Presidential campaign since Mrs. Weiner, Huma Abedin, is such an important part of Clinton’s campaign and will pay a major role in her presidency should Hillary win.

This is clearly a headache that Clinton does not need right now. And her campaign was already concerned about Weiner before.

So be prepared for a lot of speculation on the cable news channels in the days ahead about how Weiner’s behavior could affect the election. Also be prepared to hear from plenty of armchair psychologists who will speculate as to what exactly causes a man like Anthony Weiner to keep on making the same dumb mistake again and again.

And many people will be online and in the news making guesses about how long it will be before we have yet another Anthony Weiner sexting story to talk about.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]