‘Resident Evil 4’ Xbox One And PS4 All Set For August 30 Release With Ada Wong Story, Mercenaries Mode & More

The Resident Evil 4 release on PS4 and Xbox One is almost here! The remastered version of Capcom’s survival horror video game, which was originally released in 2005, is coming to the current generation of consoles this Tuesday, August 30.

A previous report from PlayStation Lifestyle noted that Resident Evil 4 PS4 and Xbox One versions will “run at 1080p with an increased frame-rate,” similar to Resident Evil 5 and 6, which were also made available for these Microsoft and Sony consoles.

The description for Resident Evil 4 on Microsoft reads the following.

“This revolutionary masterpiece represented a turning point for the series as it brought the gameplay to a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective for the first time. Featuring a thrilling storyline taking place after the destruction of Umbrella Corporation, Resident Evil 4 not only changed the course of Resident Evil, but influenced countless other titles as well.”

An earlier post from the Inquisitr reported that Resident Evil 4 set for release on PS4 and Xbox One will feature Ada Wong’s side story. This “mysterious long-legged femme-fatale,” as described by Giant Bomb, is often “portrayed as cold and calculating but tends to soften when her mission comes into conflict with Leon S. Kennedy.”

RE4’s story will revolve around Leon Kennedy’s mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter, who has been kidnapped by Los Illuminados, Polygon explained. The side story of Ada Wong is expected to fill in story gaps from Kennedy’s mission.

Capcom-Unity explained the importance of the protagonist’s task to the Resident Evil franchise. “Leon S. Kennedy’s intense mission to save the President’s daughter is a turning point in the 20-year-old horror franchise,” the blog shared, further adding that RE4’s PS4 and XBox One release “is the perfect opportunity for fans to remember why it has stood the test of time, or for the uninitiated to learn where all the accolades come from.”

Resident Evil 4 Xbox One And PS4 Release All Set
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

In addition to Ada Wong’s story, Resident Evil fans can also expect a bonus mode called Mercenaries Mode in the PS4 and Xbox One ports of RE4 HD. This game mode can only be accessed by players after finishing the main campaign. Offering hours of replayability, Mercenaries Mode will allow fans to play as Hunk, Wesker, and other iconic characters.

“RE4 also boasts some of the most satisfying New Game Plus action ever, allowing players to bring their powerful arsenal, unlocked costumes, and other secret weapons into a fresh playthrough,” Capcom’s blog further shared. Ashley can be protected using her knight armor costume and players can also enjoy the Chicago Typewriter which is described as an “an insanely powerful Tommy Gun.”

Watch a playthrough of Resident Evil 4 Episode 1 on PS4, courtesy of Game Informer, with special guest, Tim Turi of Capcom.

Resident Evil 4’s will also have the same Achievements and Trophies available for the PS3 version. These include A Heart of Steel (Gold), A Terrifying Assassin (Silver), What Are They Worth? (Silver), The Ties That Bind (Bronze), It Begins With a Ring (Bronze) and a lot more. Stevivor has the complete Trophy list for Resident Evil 4.

Pre-order the PS4 version of 8.4GB-heavy Resident Evil 4 on PS Store U.S. for $20 and get two 20th Anniversary avatars, which features Leon and the Umbrella Logo.

Resident Evil 4’s digital release on PS4 and Xbox One is all set for Tuesday, which means those who pre-order it can play the game as early as 12 a.m. ET. Retail versions will also be on sale in North America, according to PlayStation Lifestyle, but the official release date is yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, is another upcoming horror survival video game from Capcom, slated for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on January 24, 2017.

[Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Capcom]