Security Cameras Installed As A Result Of Karina Vetrano, Queens Jogger Murder

Though the investigation into the rape and murder of Karina Vetrano continues, the community is being proactive in making sure that such an attack never happens again in their community park. Security cameras have been installed to capture anyone who walks in or out of the Spring Creek Park in Howard Beach where Vetrano’s body was found assaulted with broken teeth after a jog on her regular route.

Police and community leaders as well as Vetrano’s parents are still begging anyone to come forward with any clues that might bring the murderer to justice, according to the Inquisitr. The reward money continues to increase in the Vetrano case, but police have stated that they do not have a person of interest despite reports to the contrary. Just after Karina Vetrano was murdered, Vanessa Marcotte, a NYC resident was also raped and murdered while jogging a mere half-mile away from her mother’s home in Princeton, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts State Police have also shared that they do not have anyone of interest despite finding DNA on Marcotte’s body.


Families Of Murdered Joggers Marcotte And Vetrano…

Murdered Joggers Karina Vetrano & Vanessa Marcotte…

Are Murders Of Vanessa Marcotte And Karina Vetrano…

The NYPD has installed several cameras says CBS, in order to capture images of everyone who comes and goes from the Queens park where Vetrano was murdered. Queens Borough President Melinda Katz says that going forward, police will not have to wonder who was in the park at any given time.

“They are going to film everyone that goes in and out. Clearly, I am only sorry the cameras were not there earlier.”

These cameras obviously won’t help the investigation into the Vetrano case, but the NYPD has learned a hard lesson, as the park is filled with rough terrain and brush that could hide clues in the Vetrano assault. The park is federally managed, so the camera are installed on all of the city roads leading to the park entrance. Police are still questioning local sex offenders, and anyone who has gotten a ticket in the last few years for trespassing in the Queens park.

DNA Info says that a total of eight cameras were installed this week to prevent another tragedy like the one that befell Karina Vetrano. Spring Creek Park in Howard Beach is filled with marsh lands throughout the nature path, yet it is surrounded by an urban area. The request for the security cameras was placed by Melinda Katz just two days after Karina Vetrano was killed.

Sharon Lee, Katz’s communications director, says that Katz is hoping that the cameras will deter future crime, but also capture anyone who might be up to no good entering the park.

“I think it’s important for folks to know, you enter there, you exit there, you’re going to be filmed.”

The cameras were up for discussion even before the Vetrano murder, but the death sped up the installation date “because there was a need in the area.”

The Mayor’s office added $10,000 to the reward fund put together by Karina Vetrano’s friends, neighbors, and family, which has now reached $300,000 for any details leading to the arrest of the murderer.

The New York Daily News reports that the new security cameras are facing the park, but actually installed in the city streets outside of the park where Vetrano was attacked, and not facing the thick brush which borders Jamaica Bay where her body was found by her father, Phillip Vetrano, who went looking for his daughter when she didn’t return from her regular run.

Though there is not a suspect in custody, the Vetrano family says they are hopeful that the crime will be solved soon.

Do you think all city parks should have security cameras to protect residents?

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