Olivia Munn Doesn’t Use A Stylist But Admits She Can’t Dress Herself

The mental image of Olivia Munn being unable to dress herself is one that many men probably find somewhat piquing, but the star of The Newsroom and Magic Mike says that finding an outfit appropriate for much of Hollywood’s high pressure see and be seen events is something with which she struggles.

Olivia Munn may always look very well appointed, but the actress says the large expectation she look good for events is part of the reason she doesn’t feel right using a stylist. Munn says:

“I can’t even dress myself … But the only reason I don’t use a stylist is because I feel like if I’m going to fall, I’d rather it be on me.”

Won’t anyone please think of the stylists! Munn explains that, while she may not rely on a stylist for her red carpet looks, it doesn’t mean she never consults pros on how to dress for events. Olivia explains that, while she often does sort her own looks out, she relies on a friend in high places to get her through big shows:

“One of my best girlfriends works at Vogue, so I send her pictures of things that I like and say to her, ‘How do I put this outfit together?’ “

olivia munn

But Munn also explains that practice has honed her abilities as well as sparked her creativity in getting ready for events. Olivia says that, while she has in the past tended to be habitual, she has started taking risks in getting dressed for the red carpet:

“I used to wear my hair and makeup the exact same way all of the time — and now I try new things … I used to wear blacks and white to keep things neutral and safe, but now I feel like if I find [pieces] that are still classic shapes that fit my body, then I’m okay with trying them in new colors.”

Are you a fan of Olivia Munn’s event looks?