WWE News: Major Medical Testing Done On Randy Orton After Match With Brock Lesnar, Did He Have A Concussion?

We all know by now that WWE Superstar Randy Orton took quite a beating at the hands of Brock Lesnar a week ago at WWE SummerSlam. It has been widely reported that the entire thing revolving around Lesnar/Orton was very fishy. Going into the event, Orton was told he would have a 50/50 match with Lesnar with Brock going over. Then he was told upon arrival that it would be a one sided beat-down.

Most every WWE fan became enraged when the main event of the second biggest WWE event of the year ended in such a terrible way. While the TKO victory was planned ahead of time, Randy Orton was told the day he came in that Lesnar knew how to graze his head enough to make him bleed “the hard way,” which is obviously true. WWE planned out the entire thing that Lesnar did on paper, but they had no idea that the gash would be opened so much on Orton or that he would take such major open headshots.

The referees and medical team also had no idea that anything would go the way it did, which is why everyone looked so shaken and why the referee called for the TKO victory as soon as possible. The ref of course knew the finish and may have rushed to it, but you could tell most of the people around had no idea that things were going to be this way. Fans were visibly shaken at ringside after seeing Randy Orton be opened up and losing blood rapidly.

Orton Lesnar
[image via WWE]

Naturally, all of this horrible stuff and clear open headshots meant that Randy Orton clearly needed to be tested for a concussion among other things. Daily Wrestling News reports that of course Orton got the ten staples to his head that WWE reported, but he also went through ImPACT testing to make sure he didn’t have a concussion. Multiple sources claim Orton did not have a concussion, which was certainly a concern after this. Other tests were rumored to have occurred, and Orton did not wrestle as much this past week either.

Most fans think what WWE planned out was reckless. While most thought the idea of a TKO finish was alright, it was how they reached it that truly upset everyone. Many feel that blood being back is alright to see, considering it was used a lot in older times. In a PG era however, the only way WWE would allow blood to be seen is if a person is opened up the hard way, or by accident/for real. What wrestlers use to do was gig, or cut themselves. Usually this would be done at the hairline on the head or at the eyebrow.

It was done as a way to get blood to come out well, but hide the cut. It would also clot a bit easier than a normal gash because the blade used to cut is basically a normal razor blade. While blood packets, like what you see on television and in the movies is useful, it tends to look fake compared to the real material. It also does not flow, so fans can tell at home. It works fine on a stage or on a taped broadcast where you can edit any flaws.

Orton, Heyman, Lesnar
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At a WWE event however, this is not as easy as one thinks. It is especially difficult on a live broadcast, which is now two shows instead of just one, making it a lot harder. Fans do want to see color again, which is fine. Gigging was never really seen as a bad thing, it was just that WWE didn’t want to see blood. That said, fans aren’t mad about seeing blood, but rather seeing WWE Superstars being forced to get cut open the hard way.

It is more than unsafe to tell a WWE Superstar to take an open elbow shot and punches to the head, unprotected. It’s different if a talent gets randomly opened up during a match, as those things do happen and are obviously unplanned. However, planning out a time where a talent has to hurt themselves a good bit to get blood is obviously wrong and should go against many rules the business has on safety, according to Forbes contributor Alfred Konuwa. Randy Orton was lucky to not have a concussion or any other serious injury barring the gash he suffered in the match against Lesnar during WWE SummerSlam.

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