WWE News: What Randy Orton Expected In ‘SummerSlam’ Match With Brock Lesnar

The WWE landscape has changed, and for good reason. Storylines are changing, new superstars are debuting, old WWE wrestlers are coming back and new faces are in charge. Specifically on the SmackDown Live brand, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are the commissioner and general manager respectively. Two years ago, nobody would’ve thought McMahon would be back in the company. On top of that, Bryan is no longer wrestling, but on the management team for the blue brand.

That’s only the front office of SmackDown Live. The wrestlers are new and fresh. Heath Slater has a big spot on Tuesday nights. He is trying to fight for a WWE contract on either show. Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, and Bray Wyatt are the centerpiece of WWE television on the blue brand. With all of the rosters unified before the brand split, that would have never been a reality. Ambrose achieved the spotlight near the end, but it took that long for WWE officials to give him a shot.

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New tag-teams and women are also being highlighted on WWE programming. Becky Lynch and American Alpha are spearheading their respective division. Despite all of the success SmackDown Live has had so far, one match took over the limelight in the mainstream media for its reality-based ending. Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton endured a hellacious match at SummerSlam. Lesnar came out on top after winning by TKO, due to a big elbow to Orton’s forehead.

Orton bled out and the referee called the match. He was immediately tended to by medical personnel. Now, a lot speculation has come out surrounding the ending of that match. There are those who believe that it wasn’t planned and Brock Lesnar ignored the original finish, quite like Batista and Chris Jericho did years ago. However, WWE officials wanted it to end that way, sort of. Randy Orton, however, wasn’t told the exact finish before his SummerSlam match with Brock Lesnar, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“Orton was apparently planning for a typical main event until he arrived to the arena. He was then told that he was not going to have a normal match, that the match wasn’t about going back & forth and keeping both Superstars strong, but about making Lesnar look stronger. Original plans had the match being a one-sided destruction for Lesnar, with Orton down on the ground bleeding.

“Orton was also reportedly told that Brock knew how to graze him with his elbow to open a cut without hurting Orton, and was told that was what would happen during the match.”

If WWE fans are looking for someone to blame about what happened to Randy Orton, then they can look at Lesnar’s elbow as the culprit. Currently, nobody knows if the Beast Incarnate did that on purpose to further enhance the match’s emotion and realism. It certainly worked and wrestling fans truly thought Lesnar did all of that on purpose. He’s been known to go off-script before. Right before his match with the Viper, he told Slater on Monday Night Raw that he “doesn’t give a s**t” about his kids.

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That comment was not in the script. It truly doesn’t matter because Lesnar is on his way back home and won’t be on WWE television until at least December.

After his match with the Beast, Randy Orton is on his way to a feud with Bray Wyatt, according to a recent Inquisitr article. That will give Wyatt a chance to truly get over as a legitimate threat, instead of one to make threats and lose the feud consistently. If the WWE tries to add realism into feuds, it will create more instances like this one.

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