Actress Jaimie Alexander Suffers ‘Horrible’ Injury On Thor 2 Set

Looks like with every new action movie that’s in production there’s a new injury to worry about. This time it was actress Jaimie Alexander who fell victim to her on set injury while filming Thor 2. Alexander plays Thor’s warrior goddess Sif.

While filming Thor 2 the actress is said to have experienced “a pretty horrible injury.” Even though there aren’t any details concerning the injury, the actress addressed the accident on her Twitter on Monday, tweeting, “Today I sustained a pretty horrible injury. I’m lucky I’m not paralyzed. Thank you (with all of my heart) to those who’ve looked after me.”

The Thor 2 actress didn’t go into any other details about the injury she sustained or how it happened on the set of the action sequel, but did keep fans updated about her recovery and seemed to be in pretty high spirits for having suffered an accident that could have been pretty devastating. Later on on Tuesday she tweeted, Received great news today! Meds are kicking in. Awesome funny nurses here at the hospital. Physio tomorrow. All good.

Jaimie Alexander isn’t the only one to fall victim of on set injuries. A few weeks about Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. suffered an on set injury while filming Iron Man 3. The injury was said to put shooting on a temporary hiatus while Downey Jr. healed. In addition actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt had received a real bloody injury on the bike riding action film Premium Rush as he flew into the window of a cab. The actor went on to receive 31 stitches.

Although it’s not known whether or not Jaimie Alexander was actually doing stunts or not, do you think actors should pull back from putting themselves in danger?